Duriana- A Market in the Skies

9:00 AM


I have something for my readers this time. Shout Hurray!!

First, can you guess where is this place?

It's an open area under the sky.

Eh, why I state the obvious one... 

Well, guess again from this night view instead.

Super great night shot right? Can view the Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower in the distance.

Okay, how to get there and why you MUST should be there!

First, we get to know the organizer. *clap your hands or no reading :P
Source: Duriana

What is Duriana??

This? The thorny fruit with the unique smell?

Well, no it isn't. It's spelling is Duriana.

Source: e27 *link in photo

It is a mobile-first shopping platform, which *gasp* merges functions of Instagram AND ebay into one!

Sell your pre-loved and unused stuff here.
Put them on the list for free with just a snap from your phone.

Like something on Duriana? 
Pre-loved clothes, rare vintage, quirky handmade products, used textbooks??

You can sort products by distance, popularity or most recent products as well!

For this event, Duriana is bringing the market experience to the skies on a beautiful rooftop terrace overlooking the Petronas Twin Towers.

  • A curated fashion market
  • Bubbly Brunch
  • DJ set by The Other Party
  • Champagne Pong Competition < This. I want to watch!
  • Pop up Photobooth
Now for readers:

"The first 30 readers who come by our media registration booth and flash us our app and the password: BLOGGERS IN THE SKIES will receive a goodie bag from FH Club, our official giveaway sponsors." 

Cool or what? I wonder what you will get in the goodie bag. Tell me later please? 

The event?
"A Market in the Skies"

Saturday, 14th June 2014


La Scala Restaurant

Want to get there with style?
UBER ride: UBERDURIANA *for first time user only

This is their third event of the year after the success of their first event 360 Kuala Lumpur Bazaar in April. So, come and let's make it a success!

Want to RSVP for the event?

And no, isn't a private event. It's PUBLIC, so come with your friends.
Enjoy the view and have fun being in a market!

You can also check out the links below-

Thanks for reading.


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