Blood Donation Campaign at ecurve,24 & 25 May 2014

1:41 PM


Have you ever donated blood? You should check first if you are able to and don't force yourself to do it. I know some are afraid of the needles but really, you can overcome that fear.

And be somebody's hero.

Co-organized by pharmaniaga, ecurve and Malaysia Blood Bank, this donation drive is today and tomorrow at ecurve, floor LG.

Besides the usual donation drive, they also prepared activities for those accompanying the donators. There are Line Dancing, CPR Demo, Health Checks and even a photo booth.

The props for the photo booth

Go on and challenge yourself to face the needle. 

I donated for my first time last year. After numerous fail attempts at previous donation drives. It wasn't fear though. I was not healthy enough to donate. Low blood count and pressure at that time until I was warned not to donate for my own safety. 

If you want to donate, check out the requirements first to check whether you are fit or not. You can google it.

I can't do it today. One requirement which is to have enough sleep for 8 hours... I fail that so maybe I will try tomorrow.

Spread this donation drive. Bring a friend along for it. You might need support for and after it. A bit dizzy after but the feeling of helping a stranger out there? Priceless.

For more info, click on ecurve's Facebook page.


*All photos are property of ecurve

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