Beauty Review: MUA The Artiste Collection + My Selfies Collage

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Hmm. Not sure but I never did a beauty post with cosmetics in it as well. Hurray to this first one then!

Pfft! Well, I am just not interested in writing about it but just this once wouldn't hurt. Hehe...

Plus I had this palette, bought using a Mesmerize discount code I won from a giveaway by CpMoon. < A mouthful ey? I tend to write my sentences this way which my teacher told me to cut them into short ones. Oh I find it easier even if it is long... okay, really long. :)

MUA The Artiste Collection

6 marbled eyeshadows, 2 blushers, 1 bronzer, 1 highlighter

Swatches below from bottom to up: Pistachio, Mocca, Ice, Grape, Chocolate, Cookie

All of the eyeshadows are shimmery.

Pistachio- white bluish
Mocca- silver
Ice- blue
Grape- purple 
Chocolate- brown
Cookie- brownish red

P.S: Above is my simple terms for cosmetics. Haha.

Pink Sparkle, the pinkish one and Primrose, the reddish one

Bronzed, the brownish one and Shimmer Kiss, the almost vanished silver

Time to start applying!
My super bare face. My usual face actually because I rarely put anything on.

Applied CC Cream to even out my skin tone

Oh I used nanowhite Infinity CC Cream in Light Beige. 

After spreading the CC Cream, my face looked almost flawless. Haha. Vanity. 

Got this splurge last time and using it to max out the guilt.
Victoria Jackson Foundation Duo in Light

Lighter shade for overall coverage, darker shade for dark circles and red skins

Covered the mirror because of the reflection of my desk at the moment. :P

Applied to one side of my face to show the difference

One side done and can see the difference of the dark circle on one side

Both side applied

Applied Mocca shade over entire eyelid. Mostly I skipped this one and choose the eyeshadow I want for the day.

Finished the eyelid base

I chose Ice shade for this look.

I applied Silkygirl mascara Bigeye in Blackest Black on my upper lashes.

Then I applied Pink Sparkle on my cheeks.

Some Bronzed and Shimmer Kiss too.

Next is the lipstick Maybelline Watershine Pure P11. It's a shade of pink.

My look for the day

The comparison of before and after!
I looked more radiant in the After photo!
Less pale and ghostly even.
What cosmetics can do eh? Haha.

Oh I don't do my brows and eyeliner. I haven't master the brows while putting eyeliner would take more time so usually I just put mascara.

Posted a collage of some selfies of the day on Instagram!

Then somehow, Google+ generated this animation from the photos. Super love the unexpected. Plus it used my nicest photos. :P

I think this is the post with the most of my face in it. Haha, usually I am super shy to show my face as I tend to be my own critic.

Ending with one more of my animation!

Hope you enjoy this beauty post. 
Thanks for reading. 


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  1. The palette looks super awesome and versatile! :) And you look pretty even before the makeup, dear. ^^ The gif is super cute; I didn't know google can make them for you too, haha~ :D


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