Duriana- A Market in the Skies

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I have something for my readers this time. Shout Hurray!!

First, can you guess where is this place?

It's an open area under the sky.

Eh, why I state the obvious one... 

Well, guess again from this night view instead.

Super great night shot right? Can view the Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower in the distance.

Okay, how to get there and why you MUST should be there!

First, we get to know the organizer. *clap your hands or no reading :P
Source: Duriana

What is Duriana??

This? The thorny fruit with the unique smell?

Well, no it isn't. It's spelling is Duriana.

Source: e27 *link in photo

It is a mobile-first shopping platform, which *gasp* merges functions of Instagram AND ebay into one!

Sell your pre-loved and unused stuff here.
Put them on the list for free with just a snap from your phone.

Like something on Duriana? 
Pre-loved clothes, rare vintage, quirky handmade products, used textbooks??

You can sort products by distance, popularity or most recent products as well!

For this event, Duriana is bringing the market experience to the skies on a beautiful rooftop terrace overlooking the Petronas Twin Towers.

  • A curated fashion market
  • Bubbly Brunch
  • DJ set by The Other Party
  • Champagne Pong Competition < This. I want to watch!
  • Pop up Photobooth
Now for readers:

"The first 30 readers who come by our media registration booth and flash us our app and the password: BLOGGERS IN THE SKIES will receive a goodie bag from FH Club, our official giveaway sponsors." 

Cool or what? I wonder what you will get in the goodie bag. Tell me later please? 

The event?
"A Market in the Skies"

Saturday, 14th June 2014


La Scala Restaurant

Want to get there with style?
UBER ride: UBERDURIANA *for first time user only

This is their third event of the year after the success of their first event 360 Kuala Lumpur Bazaar in April. So, come and let's make it a success!

Want to RSVP for the event?

And no, isn't a private event. It's PUBLIC, so come with your friends.
Enjoy the view and have fun being in a market!

You can also check out the links below-

Thanks for reading.



Beauty Review: MUA The Artiste Collection + My Selfies Collage

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Hmm. Not sure but I never did a beauty post with cosmetics in it as well. Hurray to this first one then!

Pfft! Well, I am just not interested in writing about it but just this once wouldn't hurt. Hehe...

Plus I had this palette, bought using a Mesmerize discount code I won from a giveaway by CpMoon. < A mouthful ey? I tend to write my sentences this way which my teacher told me to cut them into short ones. Oh I find it easier even if it is long... okay, really long. :)

MUA The Artiste Collection

6 marbled eyeshadows, 2 blushers, 1 bronzer, 1 highlighter

Swatches below from bottom to up: Pistachio, Mocca, Ice, Grape, Chocolate, Cookie

All of the eyeshadows are shimmery.

Pistachio- white bluish
Mocca- silver
Ice- blue
Grape- purple 
Chocolate- brown
Cookie- brownish red

P.S: Above is my simple terms for cosmetics. Haha.

Pink Sparkle, the pinkish one and Primrose, the reddish one

Bronzed, the brownish one and Shimmer Kiss, the almost vanished silver

Time to start applying!
My super bare face. My usual face actually because I rarely put anything on.

Applied CC Cream to even out my skin tone

Oh I used nanowhite Infinity CC Cream in Light Beige. 

After spreading the CC Cream, my face looked almost flawless. Haha. Vanity. 

Got this splurge last time and using it to max out the guilt.
Victoria Jackson Foundation Duo in Light

Lighter shade for overall coverage, darker shade for dark circles and red skins

Covered the mirror because of the reflection of my desk at the moment. :P

Applied to one side of my face to show the difference

One side done and can see the difference of the dark circle on one side

Both side applied

Applied Mocca shade over entire eyelid. Mostly I skipped this one and choose the eyeshadow I want for the day.

Finished the eyelid base

I chose Ice shade for this look.

I applied Silkygirl mascara Bigeye in Blackest Black on my upper lashes.

Then I applied Pink Sparkle on my cheeks.

Some Bronzed and Shimmer Kiss too.

Next is the lipstick Maybelline Watershine Pure P11. It's a shade of pink.

My look for the day

The comparison of before and after!
I looked more radiant in the After photo!
Less pale and ghostly even.
What cosmetics can do eh? Haha.

Oh I don't do my brows and eyeliner. I haven't master the brows while putting eyeliner would take more time so usually I just put mascara.

Posted a collage of some selfies of the day on Instagram!

Then somehow, Google+ generated this animation from the photos. Super love the unexpected. Plus it used my nicest photos. :P

I think this is the post with the most of my face in it. Haha, usually I am super shy to show my face as I tend to be my own critic.

Ending with one more of my animation!

Hope you enjoy this beauty post. 
Thanks for reading. 



TBP's Chapter 11: Enchanteur Paris Body Lotions Review

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I received not one, not two... FOUR! Enchanteur Body Lotions from The Butterfly Project to review. Been using them alternatively or daily based on their uses/benefits.

The four body lotions

Body  lotion is lighter in texture than gel or body creams. This is because of their function to help smooth, re-hydrate and soften the skin. So body lotion should be easy to absorb into the skin. There are two based body lotions: oil-in-water or water-in-oil. 

Ideally, you should use the lotion after a shower to lock in moisture into your skin. This also prevents the skin from losing water quickly. 

Summarized from here.

For Enchanteur Paris Body Lotions, they are water-based lotions.

Phew, I scored some health sites to find the above information for this post. Interesting how much articles have been written and honestly there is no right or wrong so far. Both oil-based and water-based are good, depending on what you need each for.

With advances in technology, body lotions now have the ingredients to protect against sun damage, whiten the skin and the smell? Just oh so lovely!

Well, enough about that. You would want to know what the four Enchanteur Paris Body Lotions are.

Enchanteur Paris 'Light & Fresh' Body Lotion
This gives you fair, fresh and moisturized skin. It is non-sticky and non-greasy.

Enhanced with UV protection (against harmful sun rays), Licorice Concentrate (prevents dark pigmentation), plus Portulaca and Aloe Vera Concentrates (deeply moisturizes the skin).

This is the best for outdoor as the scent is so fresh and uplifting. The scent is Enchanteur Paris Mon Amie.

Enchanteur Paris 'Triple Whitening' Body Lotion
This lotion gives you fair and radiant skin.

It has 3 main whitening ingredients: Vitamin B3 (prevents pigmentation), Sakura Concentrate (even out skin tone) and Licorice Concentrate (prevents formation of dark pigmentation due to UV rays exposure).

This can be used for all skin types.

The scent of this body lotion is Enchanteur Paris Belle Amour.

Enchanteur Paris 'All-in-One Whitening' Body Lotion
This gives you fair beautiful soft skin, all in one lotion.

It has SPF 24++ (protect against UVA and UVB), Licorice Concentrate (whiten and even out skin tone) and Hyaluronic Hydration (24 hours hydration).

Suitable for all skin types, it has the scent of one of Enchanteur Paris perfumes.

Enchanteur Paris 'Firm & Repair' Body Lotion
It gives you healthy, supple and youthful looking skin.

It has Micro Collagen (strengthen and firms up skin) and Swiss Edelweiss (protects against free radicals and repair damaged skin overnight).

It is suitable for all skin types and has the scent of Enchanteur Paris Adore.


I have tried out all four body lotions and the reviews are not arranged top bottom of which I liked most. Read on until the end to know which I loved the most out of these four. 

The 'Firm & Repair' body lotion is applied at night after showers. I find the smell quite strong for me so I didn't apply it as often. 

The effect after application is great though. I woke up feeling relaxed and my skin was smooth to the touch. The scent is supposed to help me relax as I sleep. Not sure about that but I did woke up feeling fresh.

My rating: 7/10

'Triple Whitening' body lotion has a similar scent to 'Firm & Repair' so yeah, I was reluctant to apply it often. I did applied it before heading out for my internship in the mornings.

My skin felt hydrated and not as dry out as usual which is when I'm so lazy and skip this lotion ritual

For the whitening effect and even out skin tone, I did noticed my elbow those dark patches on those elbows, really obvious dry there, becoming lighter and more moisturized.

My rating: 8/10

'All-in-One Whitening' body lotion is a huge competitor to the other four. The scent is great, not overpowering and I just took a sniff of it again. :D

I applied this alternatively with the 'Triple Whitening'. In terms of effect, it has more less the same. 

But because the scent is lovelier than the other, this one got me to apply it more frequently. I can see the amount left in the bottle!

My rating: 9/10

Hold on! 'All-in-One Whitening' body lotion only got 9/10 for my rating?

Because there is this last body lotion, that won me completely with its scent.

The 'Light &  Fresh' body lotion!

I love it so much that I brought it to the office and left it there so I would never forget to bring it. :D
P.S: Which is why I don't have another picture of it. You could check out my Instagram for another picture of it.

The scent is so fresh and captivating that I would apply it before heading out to lunch. Then after lunch, I would apply it again. It even helps to keep me awake if I feel sleepy. My hands feel moisturized too after braving the hot sun to get lunch outside the office.

Maybe I should check out the EDT Mon Amie because I like the scent so much... Just maybe. :P

Hope you have fun reading and let me know what body lotions are you using now.


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Blood Donation Campaign at ecurve,24 & 25 May 2014

1:41 PM


Have you ever donated blood? You should check first if you are able to and don't force yourself to do it. I know some are afraid of the needles but really, you can overcome that fear.

And be somebody's hero.

Co-organized by pharmaniaga, ecurve and Malaysia Blood Bank, this donation drive is today and tomorrow at ecurve, floor LG.

Besides the usual donation drive, they also prepared activities for those accompanying the donators. There are Line Dancing, CPR Demo, Health Checks and even a photo booth.

The props for the photo booth

Go on and challenge yourself to face the needle. 

I donated for my first time last year. After numerous fail attempts at previous donation drives. It wasn't fear though. I was not healthy enough to donate. Low blood count and pressure at that time until I was warned not to donate for my own safety. 

If you want to donate, check out the requirements first to check whether you are fit or not. You can google it.

I can't do it today. One requirement which is to have enough sleep for 8 hours... I fail that so maybe I will try tomorrow.

Spread this donation drive. Bring a friend along for it. You might need support for and after it. A bit dizzy after but the feeling of helping a stranger out there? Priceless.

For more info, click on ecurve's Facebook page.


*All photos are property of ecurve


The Butterfly Project's First Anniversary + Lasertag Challenge @ecurve Damansara

7:00 AM


I told you guys that I was driving to my blogger's event right? Here's what happened that day!

-Saturday, 10th May 2014-

The registration for the event started at 10.30AM. I arrived there around that time, happily parked my car, though slightly not perfect as you can see.

A12, Floor LG. 

I lost my sense of direction after the game. Pfft. Totally forgot what floor it was after I paid the parking ticket. Acting unabashed, I just walked as fast as I could once I remembered where it was.


The welcoming board outside

The private room for our use that day

The entrance to the arena

From outside it actually doesn't look big. Wait til you go in. It seems longer. This is at the ecurve branch.

Our breakfast and refreshment of the day, courtesy of Laser Warzone.

What I took to fill up my energy gauge. I especially missed the pulut panggang (grilled glutinous rice). This one had sambal in it.

Let's move on to the game. Partly because I'm making myself hungry right now...

Rules of the game
Pic credit: Laser Warzone

Look how focused everyone was listening to how to play the game and scoring.

The Lasertag Vest

Those white guns dangling from the Vest? Lasertag Gun. Use it to aim and shoot. You need to cover the thermal sensor at the front bottom though or you can't shoot. They said it was to prevent you from actually holding onto someone and shooting them. Oh the Gun has a display where you can see your code name of the day. 

Also who you shot and who shot you on what. I didn't pay attention to that though...

Hit this on the front and you score 50. Hit the big one on the back and you score 100.

There's a restart time. 5 seconds. You got shot and your Vest goes white. During this 5 seconds, you can't shoot anyone and anyone shooting you will not get any points.

Pic credit: Laser Warzone

Some pictures of inside:

Dark? Not really but yeah, you can't see the faces of your comrades clearly. My tip: Go ahead and shoot anyone then say sorry if your team... Just kidding.

Medals and a trophy for the winners:

Pic credit: Laser Warzone

My team of the day- Laserfly
Pic credit: Laser Warzone

For the Lasertag Challenge, we were divided into four teams: Team Athena, Team Huntress, Team Mulan and Team Laserfly. Then each group was assigned a colour during the game. 

For the first game, two teams went in first, Blue or Green. The first round was a Free-for-all for us to familiarize with the Gun and the arena. You can shoot anyone, regardless of teams. After that, the fun challenge started.

Watching the CCTV in the private room was both bewitching and suspense. Then looking at the scoreboard. 

The scores just made me want to play. Somehow, awaken my inner competitive spirit. Quite appropriately too.

So how did it went? My two friends actually thought it was funny that I'd actually... Pffft. 

Fourth: Team Mulan
Third: Team Huntress
Second: Team Athena
First: Team Laserfly

Proof of my sweaty face

The Champion's medal

Oh, I was in Team Laserfly. I know I told you already. I totally put myself into the game and went all out to shoot. 

The first game, I was given code name Skipper. I sucked so bad in that round. I didn't understand how to shoot. Seeing the scores later, I was miffed. No way I'm going home with that level! 

Second game, I was Dodger. I redeemed myself!! Scored the highest with great teamwork Zhi Xin. We managed to secure our position and shot the Blue Team. 

Third and last game, I was Proton. We couldn't take our position this time and we were scattered. By the way, Team Laserfly was Team Green for all three games. Must be our affinity or what.

After the award ceremony, time to celebrate The Butterfly Project's First Anniversary!

First Anniversary cake prepared by Ask Joey- The Sweetest Party

Conclusion of the event:

It was such a fun-filled event with sweats and muscle pain later. Thanks so much to The Butterfly Project for this event! Everyone had so much fun that day. Too bad the SWAT team and Tammy can't play though. Next time, you guys must join as well! I'm sure many of us wants to shoot you. :P

The first time I drove to ecurve Damansara and to actually win this Lasertag Challenge with Team Laserfly! Not to mention, when I drove back, the radio suddenly played 'We are the Champion'. 

Coincidence? Guess I was lucky.

Thanks for reading. Do check out the links below and if you have team building events or birthday functions, I suggest you try Laser Warzone!

Laser Warzone links:

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