Updates & water brats

4:33 PM

Hi. Not going to write much, blogging from this ipad is killing my creativity because I need a lot more patience with it.

So anyway, I actually have a lot from last week which I haven't even start drafting. This intern life really tires me out.

On another note, I can't believe spoilt brats really exist. It was only during this water rationing that I experienced these brats.

At least, there's water. But these brats go whining about how slow the water pressure is. I really felt like blasting them using the fire hose. That's full pressure right up their nose. 

Haih why turn into a rant. Hahahaha. Long time didn't write so allow me to let go of some stress.

Tomorrow is the last day of April. It has it's up and down. Well, I can't wait for tomorrow night. It would be a great ending to this month.

Yeah, I'm this positive about life.


P.S.: Why go private when you can show off your life & up to others to read or comment about it? Or maybe it was the ugly truth... 
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