The Great Guardian Make Over "My Date with Beauty"

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Oh God My~ *intended pun because of an interesting FB status. #Iknowit'slame

Anyway, it's almost a week after an event I attended with the ladies from The Butterfly Project. *flicks self on forehead. 

First of, I got lucky with this invite. Only 26 invites given out. Plus, this is my 2nd invite. Previous was the High Tea last year. Then I couldn't or dare not try my luck with other events. Partly because I am having my intern or I don't know the place. :P

Yeah! I got the invite. Honestly, I nearly screamed when I saw the email. Thanks so much!

Now let's read on about what happened last Saturday.

At the entrance of the venue.

The Make Over counters/stations. :P

The stage.

I tried this. Got the normal, healthy level. :) Am happy that I have normal cholesterol level. 

My turn for make over.

I asked him to make it a half braid instead of braiding it down, just to test out how it would look.
If I happen to want to try it out myself.

After finish hair styling, I moved to the next station: Make up time! 

My look after.
Can see my eyes right? And my flushed cheeks. And that lips! :D
I opted for Natural. There was a Glam look also.

The make up products used. I'm considering that lipstick, both from Maybelline.

The stage had an ongoing demonstration for people to watch.

The photo booth at the event.
It's a nice pink, wonder what they do with it after? I would love to have it! :P
Can take lots of pictures.

:D I uploaded my pictures on Google+ and suddenly found this one above. Totally unexpected, not sure from my phone or what. 
You can see how the make up on my face. :)

Cute *cough* side view.

Another motion picture. :)

Proof of my healthy cholesterol level. :P

I went back to my room and removed the eye make up.
I think better when I have less on my eyes.
Love the lips he did!

Didn't attend the event? There's two contest going on until 30th April 2014!

1) Guardian PhotoBox Facebook contest, exclusively for the Makeover participants and

2)Guardian “What Makes Me Beautiful” Instagram contest.

Check the links below for more info :

Thanks for the invite!

I met Xin Sheng Huo from the High Tea and a new blogger too, who happens to have the same name as me! It was so coincidence, especially when we have the exact same spelling: Julianna. :D

Photo credit to JuliannaC.
Thanks for all the fun!

This event was brought by the:

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