SP: Mediviron UOA Part III

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First, apologies for the absent of this progress. There were some problems and I just couldn't blog about this.

I went for my last treatment with Mediviron II UOA on 29th March 2014.

Before, this is my current face now.
Maybe you won't notice the difference much but I do!

My cheeks definitely look not as puffy as before. I can define my jawline now!

Previously I don't know where it is even because of the fat stored in that area. :P

So on that morning, I met the doctor to review my face first. She asked how I felt and honestly I was satisfied. Then she suggested that I do Fat Melting Injection (FMI) for my cheeks. They are still quite a lot of fat there, she said to me. She even pinched too. 

What is FMI?

A cocktail of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and supplements is administered in a specific area of your body. It blocks the cells at that area from storing fats while stimulating it to burn up the fats. The vitamins, minerals and amino acids tighten the skin, while the lipolytic agent helps break down the existing fat cells. The liquefied fat will then be flushed out naturally from your body through the lymphatic system.
·         It dissolves excess fat deposits in just the right place.
·         It helps you lose inches, decrease bulk and improve your body shape and contour.
·         It removes fibrotic, hardened connective tissue and hence, improves the appearance of your skin with the reduction of cellulite.
·         It smoothes and tightens your skin.
·         No downtime. You can immediately return to your social and working life.

Since I was already there, why not right? So they applied the numbing cream on the cheeks area and I waited until really numb.
FMI began.

During the injection, the doctor said I could choose either to lie down or sit up. I chose to sit up. Then she started injecting my cheeks.

This time I can feel the FMI. On a scale of 10, 1 being painless and 10 - go figure :P - the pain was 5. The first treatment I did would be 3. It's not like I scream or anything. But I nearly felt a tear coming. The pain was temporary though, not prolong.

*Disclaimer: It was based on my opinion. I heard from Joan that other customers found it tolerable. Please check with the doctor and inform if you can tolerate or not.

After the treatment, the doctor told me to massage my cheeks for 3 days to make it more effective.

So I massaged my cheeks. Honestly, when massaged, I can feel something in my cheeks and there was pain. After the third day, no more pain already.

Now is almost a month after the treatment. *cough I didn't know I would blog so late, dislike the problems that occurred, later I blog about it.

I can see my cheekbones!

Okay, you say nothing, fine. I can see the mirror clearly here. :P

Mediviron UOA
LG 9, Lower Ground Floor, Wisma UOA II, Jalan Pinang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: +60-3-2163 5699 /98 or +60-17-2163 569
E-mail: ContactUs@Mediviron-UOA.com
Twitter: @MedivironUOA

Thank you so much for sponsoring this treatment!

To read my journey with Mediviron II UOA, click on the links below:
Disclaimer: I am not forced, not hoodwinked, not coerce, not bluffed and not sweet talked to go for this treatment. This is my own choice.Thank you.

Ending with my comparison of my face. :P
Can see my cheeks right?
Say yes or else. *Angel's smile

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