Cinderella, the Flip flops version?

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You read this post title right, don't worry. :P

Yeah, when you hear Cinderella, it's always those glass heels or slippers in some. Really classy and sophisticated. The ideal pair of heels for the evening or ball as in Cinderella's case.

But for the Summer or tropical country like Malaysia? *Okay, it's mostly raining right now. The Sun will come back soon and back to sweating backs.

Flip flops?

Get this right, we don't normally see flip flops in the boardroom, Heaven forbids. Because it's deemed inappropriate for formal occasions. 

Why does something so comfortable looks so wrong in a formal setting? Because it doesn't look pretty enough with that elegant LBD. 

Okay, I kid, enough with the lame muses.

Heard of Havaianas?

They are having the coolest Limited Edition Summer Kit!

Summer with this Kit?


Especially those illustrations. Bet you want them too. ;)

Oh and my size 6 is so common for ladies that any pretty shoes/heels are ALWAYS out of stock. Damn fast ah you ladies go shoe shopping. XD

So I really hope to get this. Read my P.S below to know my methods. *grins

Follow @MYHavaianas for updates about their collections!

This is a Giveaway proudly brought to the Butterfly Community by:

Thanks for reading and Bye!

*P.S: I am casting a Fairy Godmother spell on this Summer Kit. Muahahaha. 

P.S.S: Okay, I sound like the Stepmother instead. >:)
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