Trojan and DNS server

7:00 AM


I am so tired from having to remember that I have posts to blog about.

Unluckily that my Stitchy got infected by this Trojan.

So terrible that every time the laptop starts, it will go into blue screen and kept repeating about some infinite driver loop. I have no idea what that is.

Then the other idiot IT me can't understand how to do it. 

You know when it goes into Safe mode, I can't access the internet or backup my data AT ALL. I felt like screaming why the hell the place had Trojan. *for reasons you don't need to know, the place is secret. Shuuh.

And my anti virus not working is it??


The worst case when I can't switch on my volume. Can't listen to anything! T.T

Anyway, I can still check my emails from my iPad but I can't update my blog on it. Still figuring out most of the options and the manual damn useless. Really not helpful.

Now I got access to the Wi-Fi after playing around with the DNS server. Just like when I was in Ho Chi Minh. Works the same and voila! I get to blog again.

Thank goodness!

I have so much to tell. Damn la take away my outlet of words. Hahaha...

Updated one PR already. Next is scheduled PR. Then a facial mask review. And the makeup that I bought using the giveaway coupon from CpMoon.

So tell me that I am not busy?

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