How was February?

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I started my internship on 17th with my friend/course mate. So far,the tasks are okay. The tiring part is commuting to the place. Damn tiring one because there's an interchange station and then walk more. My legs hurt. *whines

Another grouse is the food. There's not much variety around the area or have to walk further to go to the place. *sigh

Well,let's backtrack to some days before.

I passed my driving test on 12th, at last!! I failed on the road test previously then passed when retake. Thank goodness...

Last Tuesday, made the P license nearby my intern place. Though I was pretty tired already so when the officer told me that the photo needed a white background and I could take a new picture, I passed. No mirror, don't know how I looked that time. Not taking chances so I just told him to use the photo from my I.C. 

Actually I.C. photo is terrible but damn tired already didn't think much about it. Now see and feel mehhhh.

Currently Stitchy is making problems again. Already go fixed thrice and now keeps restarting itself. Last time fixed at the shop and the people there used my Stitchy bookmarked whatever websites. Damn la use my Stitchy without permission like that. Never going to that shop again.

How was February for me? 

It's my birthday month.

From the above, seems like nothing much to be so happy about.

Actually got but that's personal stuff and I won't mention in blog.

Parting words: Don't expect much because nothing is frozen in place.

P.S: My hostel experiencing water cuts. Now at home but Monday start intern days again so back to hostel. =.= Please let a bucketful of water be enough or I go back home.

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