That one special day

5:00 AM


Actually had an early lunch celebration for this date, on 30 Jan Quite a surprise for me because normally it's family and ordinary. Like a cake and candles and the song. 

But yeah, the lunch was special in way.

Because I had my first glass of red wine. Ah, it was just a glass and let's hear the whole story first okay before anyone rant me...

So, I was asked out to lunch, identity shall not be disclosed as we are strictly friends. Yes, we are. Period. Why do some people think a guy and a lady, both being single, equals to being a couple? Ah, I digress.

Well, he asked me to choose a restaurant for lunch. My pick. And females being females, I was wondering what to eat. :P

I picked Japanese but Rakuzen was closed. So we went into a fusion Japanese restaurant. If I remembered correctly the type of food served there.

Sorry no pictures of interior. Pretty lazy and I am not really a food blogger. I just took one picture of the art something that encased a bulb. It was quite big and round so I took a picture of it and uploaded to Instagram. You can scroll to Instagram for the pictures I am going to mention in the rest of this post. Super lazy cheat one.

I ordered a kid's meal which had art decoration in it. Super cute max!! You can click on the link to see what I mean. :P

I nearly ended up not eating the 'head' though. I felt so cruel so I closed my eyes and 'disfigured' it first just to make the 'head' not be a head anymore. But... a piece of art gone. T.T

Okay, about the first glass of red wine.

The orange juice was also my drink, a set meal with the kid's meal actually. So, I had two drinks that time. 

At first, the wine tasted so bitter and I didn't like it much. xD

Then he finished his lunch and I was still eating the head AND I still had the wine to finish. I didn't finish drinking it though, left it to at least 1/3 of the glass. By then, I was feeling giggly already. Which actually means I may cannot tolerate wine much. :P

After that, wanted to get waffles but the place was closed so back we went to the same restaurant for desserts.I asked for a fruit tart this time and finished it in record time. It tasted so good!

Then I wanted to drink coffee before going back. It's Vanilla Latte in a tall cup. I asked for a small size, turned out tall is the smallest size. :P

Now is the interesting part. 

Maybe because the red wine is a first for me and I was kind of eating much that time, so my stomach did it's menace on me. Urgently, I asked where the toilet is.

And I went to puke.

Yeah, I puked after eating all those great food. Award eh?

But after that, I felt better and was not giggly anymore. A silver lining from the puke maybe...

When this post is publish, I just want to say, that day was great, it was fun and need I stress it again, we are just friends. If I repeat myself again, I swear that I better wear a headband that says my heart is locked away in some deep dungeon guarded by barb wire and poisonous gas and some great scaly green dragon lizard patrolling the surrounding...

Oh. Sorry but being asked just irritates me a lot. Like a lot lot.

Happy Birthday to me. Officially 23 and don't have a driving license YET. 

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