Being 23

11:54 PM


This author is now 23 and no driving license yet. :P

Anyway, I love my birthday cake this year as it is not spoil by any poking candles or ugly words in cream. I saw how my 9yo brother's cake and didn't like the way the shop did the wording so yeah, no thanks, skip the wording please, the way you do is terrible. 

Lazy to transfer the picture from phone to here, so birthday cake, click here. If you want to, no force.

Well, got my birthday wishes from Facebook inbox which is my preferred way instead of people spamming my wall. >.<

I also received wishes from Instagram, text messages, Whatsapp (my sister spammed with emoticons =.=") and an unexpected call. Thank you.

Actually, when my family sang the birthday song, I got this really embarrassing feeling. It's like I am happy but also shy at the same time, wondering am I not too old to still hear this birthday song? :P

I wonder how long will we get to do this special ritual of us: getting a cake, blowing candles (sorry, this year I skipped to save the beauty of the cake) and singing the birthday song?

Oh, tonight, I am feeling really happy and grateful.

It's a secret and well, it's nothing big really but it made me really, really happy. xD

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