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I got this uGem last year, for an early 2014 gift to myself and also because I had this Watsons voucher, whereby I could get it at RM50, instead of RM89. 

First of all, pictures of the product!

The back of the box describes the product. It can also be used to massage the chin area for a firmer and more defined facial contour.

It is wrapped in a dust proof plastic and neatly space for it, for safe keeping. The crystal shows the mode of operation after you open the cover..

Once opening the cover, the crystal will be at the 'Off' mode. You slide it to 'On' and the uGem starts vibrating. Please note that the vibration may annoy some but is is actually a good exercise for your hands. There is also another mode which is 'Open'. This is the battery compartment.

The above picture shows the magnetic node of uGem.. It improves circulation and helps relieve eye puffiness, fine lines and dark circles.

To open the battery compartment, just twist the crystal to 'Open' and slide out. This product requires one AA battery. Preferably, get a reusable battery for it. The OSIM salesperson informed me that the included battery may last for two weeks with frequent usage. I didn't use it much because of the somehow annoying vibration to my hands.

Verdict: I felt the magnetic node when using the product near the edge of my eyebrow. It leaves a tingling feeling there. When applied to my eye bags and dark circles, there's a minimum to none of the tingling feeling. So far, I have only used it at night, after applying toner and before eye cream. I also like to massage my chin area. One thing that works is I don't feel or there is less headache especially during the last two weeks of my exams. Guess the effect is that. One thing that I dislike about this product is the vibration. It is a hand-held product so there's nothing I can do about that. Looking at the bright side, my hands got a free massage of its own. 

uGem OSIM, at RM89. 

Love? Hate?

Neither of the above, just like.

Have you bought this? What do you think about it? Leave your comments below.

Thank you. 

*Disclaimer: Opinions are my own unless clarified as not. Pictures are mine and permission needed to copy them. Please send an email to
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