Origins & my lucky charms

10:23 PM


I got a surprise email from Origins. Oh damn, spoil the surprise right at the start...

It was truly unexpected, like striking a jackpot. *cough I don't gamble, it's a lucky draw. On a side note, I have never won any, never in my 23 years on this Earth. :P

So yeah, that was how surprised, excited, AWESOME I felt when reading that email.

Oh, what email?

Well, it was from Origins, saying that I won the GRAND PRIZE for their Daily Giftaway held in December! *cue shrieks (Or just don't believe me until some proof pictures)

Okay, here are the pictures of all FIVE products that I got:





CC Cream

The retail manager said these five are almost the complete set of skincare regime. Though if include Toner and Eye cream, then I would have the complete set. Next time I add if interested enough.

When I picked up the prize at Origins Gardens, she asked if I would be interested for a mini facial, to show how I should use the products I won. I have never used Origins before so I went ahead.

Confession: I am super lazy to use any makeup. At most, I would only use Nanowhite's CC cream, which kinda acts like a foundation for me. So when she asked if I was using any makeup, I said no, not using any. :P Easy, no need wash with makeup remover. Hahaha.

So started with cleanser first. Then the scrub. Next the mask. Leave for 10 minutes but it wasn't that long because it was a demonstration only. Besides, my face absorb quickly. Guess my face too dry already so soaks up the mask faster. Thirsty skin, sorry for neglecting you. xD

After the mask is the moisturizer. I actually wanted to get it when it was launched last year. But no budget. Poor student life, must concentrate on food expenses and assignment printings and such. :P

So when I saw the moisturizer...

I just had to re-post in case forgotten. Hahaha.

I nearly skipped a heartbeat. 

Why you come to me when I least expected you? Damn lucky, what did I do in my previous life? 
*Maybe invented a cure for some ill epidemic but didn't get my acknowledgement and was killed by gold diggers. No, I am not joking. Oh okay, I am JOKING.

Last is the CC cream!

The retail manager said the cream is their star product. 

Sorry, I am not in tune with the latest hype on skincare or makeup so for now everything would be new to me. :P

Of all the five products, I only knew about the moisturizer, thanks to my favourite blogger who promoted it in her blog last time.

End of raving about the prize.

Now for some day/night dreaming of my 23yo wishlist. *dream only should be okay, right?

Less than 10 days already and I don't have a wishlist?! Hahaha, because I don't bother but lucky charms seem to be holding up so why not. Besides, it's something new, for once. Hahaha. *crazy hyper rush from this happiness of getting the prize. Okay, I'll stop about the prize.

I only have one wish in mind right now. It's a perfume which I got a sample from a magazine, quite a long time month issue actually and never bothered to use it. 

The moment I used it, I was hooked on it. It smells great!

Now I hope my lucky charms hold up longer. I might be able to get this baby myself. That will be so worth it!

That's all.

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