Collision...and no, it's not physical

11:46 PM


I feel kind of moody tonight.

It's when I think of some stuff, randomly and it starts spinning here there until what I was thinking in the beginning is completely different in the end. Yeah, award for over-thinking. 

I am going to turn one year older soon but not exactly being happy about it. It is colliding with another bigger, more important event. It always seem to do that and without fail this year as well.

I am feeling guilty of being selfish. The other event IS more important than a birthday. I shouldn't feel sad. The right thing would be excitement and happiness. 

But I don't feel that way. 

Honestly, I feel this calendar is ruining my important day.

Oh yeah, award for the most selfish moment of my life. :P

Just a bit, I hope for something unexpected but that would be wishing my lucky stars to behave. I might get the reverse effect instead. Haha...

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