1st week musings

10:15 PM


It's almost a week into 2014; tomorrow being the 7th day.

I have a backlog of posts actually, one still in draft and about three more coming, with two for product reviews.

Sidetrack a bit, I am having my finals now, today was the first paper at 3PM. 

P.S: By now, this mash of sentences are akin to a diary entry. :P

Anyway, I was really happy when 2013 ended and 2014 started. Hearing the fireworks and wishing my friends a Happy New Year. Though for next year, I plan to celebrate it differently. How different is a secret...

So yeah, I don't keep resolutions. Even if I have, it is written in my mind, plus it's not for everyone to know. Better that way. >.<

My internship starts on 17th February until 4th July. I can't wait for it though I dread the office hours which is quite different than my university time. I could avoid the morning rush to work but it's almost impossible to avoid the evening rush. *cross my fingers that I get one of the college

Last thing to note about...

I gain some, I lose some. It's a circle that's never ending and up to me to make the most of it and walk forward, even if that means truly not looking back.

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