19/01: Life as it is

9:35 AM


I had so much fun yesterday and I got to ruin my diet in the process. :P

It's the dinner that really sent me to heaven. *not literally of course, just a figure of speech

The aroma, the sauce... even if I know it ruins my diet. 

P.S: I checked and it went up at almost 3kg. Oh sh*t. Pardon the swear, I censored it okay.

Later I will do a post about it; the picture is still in my phone and I have to go to my driving class after this.

It's my last class for the 8 hours training. >.<

I planned to take my JPJ test next Wednesday, the faster it finishes, the faster I could relax.

January is turning alright for me, even if there were, um, some unpleasant moments brought onto self by self truly, at least there's a balance of those. 

So yeah, few more days to go for my special date. Date as in calendar. Not a date, date. *I know it is lame.

That's all for one of my diary entry.

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