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On last Monday 27 January 2014, I made an important decision- about my face- and in some ways my life as well. 

Oh, you can get ready some snacks just in case this is long. :P

First, to start this post is my picture, taken during a high tea blogger event, December last year.

My face looked angular when I smile, which I noticed. If I don't smile, I would look like most of my passport pictures.

So, where is this prologue going?

I was sponsored a Botox treatment by Mediviron UOA clinic.

Yea, Botox treatment. Surprise? Me as well, actually, but this is a decision I had to make. 

Here is a picture of me during my school primary years, around Primary 2 maybe AND compared with my recent passport picture.

My cheeks are so different. Or maybe not...

P.S: I dislike my nose as well but that is another story. Soon. Not so soon. Maybe never.

I gained weight between Primary 5 and 6. Most of that weight gain was because of my insecurities that time AKA just moved to a new school (moving during Primary 5 was horrible, everyone settled down with their own circle of friends). So I stuffed myself, as if being heavier would make people accept me more. Hey, I moved to a smaller town from what looked like a bigger town. From first contact, the other kids thought I was some snobbish, upper class girl.

So anyway, my weight that time was a heavy 55KG, maybe 60Kg. My IC picture was not pretty. Super chubby. When compared to my later IC picture (yeah, the change to new IC after Form 5 I think), even my friends that time in Form 5 couldn't believe the change. My face looked that different. 

Sorry, didn't have that horrible picture but here is one from when I was in Form 5. 

Luckily, I was selected for PLKN after SPM. It made me lose some weight until I was at 48KG.
Sorry for the blurry picture. Really old one taken from Facebook.

Now it is 51KG due to college food. Damn fatty, fried food and in huge amount and then must finish or feel bad leaving food unfinished. Sigh...

All of that weight loss and gain but my cheeks never changed much after the first loss. They maintained their puffy fish look. Oh okay, not identical puffy fish look.

When strangers meet me, like my recent JPJ test, a lady officer commented that I looked, "Putih gebu". Translation by Google: White fluffy. Errr...

Therefore, when I received an email from Joan Goh, Graphic Designer cum Online Marketing Executive about being one of their blogger team, I was excited! I booked a doctor's consultation on Monday, 27 January.

On the day, I met the doctor. I was shy and unsure, having second thoughts of even entering Mediviron. She consulted me about the Botox treatment. She checked my face and said that I have a square face and I thought I had a round face actually! At first, she suggested that I do Botox and fillers at my chin if I want a sharper face but the fillers require additional chargers. Another option was Botox treatment and Venus Freeze. Gladly, I took the second option. However, Venus Freeze has to be done on another day as it can't be done together with Botox as it may affect the Botox treatment.

So the assistant, applied numbing cream on my jaw and I waited for about 30 minutes.

Yes, this is me.

During the wait, I was near a room where they were conducting a workshop. I know it is bad to eavesdrop but the makeup tips were tempting to listen to.

After the 30 minutes plus, the assistant brought me back to the doctor's room for the Botox treatment. Joan came in that time and we met for the first time. She helped me to take pictures during the treatment.
Treatment time!

The doctor was marking the jaw and applying antiseptic.

She told me to clench my jaw this time. Clench and relax...

When she was doing my left side, I nearly couldn't clench hard enough. I felt numb already!

Do not believe my otherwise super calm face during the treatment.

I was nervous, very nervous and scared especially when I saw the needle that the doctor was holding.

"Must not panic, any sudden movements, later needle go different place and confirm more pain, so keep still."

Basically, that was what went through my mind. But with my calm face, sure can fool anybody that I was not nervous or panicking even! The moment I got down from the treatment table, I felt so glad that it was over!

During the injection, the numbing cream worked but not well enough. I could still feel a bit of pain when the needle went in. But I calmed myself that it won't be long. No pain, no gain, right?

After treatment, the doctor said that I have to come back in two weeks for a review and then maybe the Venus Freeze can be done. During that time, I am not supposed to do any hard chewing, like apples or mutton. 

My face after a few hours. Sorry for the almost zombie-like face. :P

I am going to compare my Before picture (the passport picture is the clearest and recent anyway) with some pictures 1 week later. Hope there is a difference!

Here is the place I did the treatment:

Mediviron UOA
LG9, Lower Ground Floor,
Wisma UOA II, 
Jln Pinang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +06-3-2163 5699/98 or +06-17-2163 569
Website and FB (Click on link)
Twitter: @MedivironUOA

Thank you so much for sponsoring my treatment!

Disclaimer: I am an adult (23 yo) and henceforth, I am not forced, not hoodwinked, not coerce, not bluffed, and not sweet talked to go for this treatment. This is my own individual choice. Thank you.

Later I update how the change!

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Origins & my lucky charms

10:23 PM


I got a surprise email from Origins. Oh damn, spoil the surprise right at the start...

It was truly unexpected, like striking a jackpot. *cough I don't gamble, it's a lucky draw. On a side note, I have never won any, never in my 23 years on this Earth. :P

So yeah, that was how surprised, excited, AWESOME I felt when reading that email.

Oh, what email?

Well, it was from Origins, saying that I won the GRAND PRIZE for their Daily Giftaway held in December! *cue shrieks (Or just don't believe me until some proof pictures)

Okay, here are the pictures of all FIVE products that I got:





CC Cream

The retail manager said these five are almost the complete set of skincare regime. Though if include Toner and Eye cream, then I would have the complete set. Next time I add if interested enough.

When I picked up the prize at Origins Gardens, she asked if I would be interested for a mini facial, to show how I should use the products I won. I have never used Origins before so I went ahead.

Confession: I am super lazy to use any makeup. At most, I would only use Nanowhite's CC cream, which kinda acts like a foundation for me. So when she asked if I was using any makeup, I said no, not using any. :P Easy, no need wash with makeup remover. Hahaha.

So started with cleanser first. Then the scrub. Next the mask. Leave for 10 minutes but it wasn't that long because it was a demonstration only. Besides, my face absorb quickly. Guess my face too dry already so soaks up the mask faster. Thirsty skin, sorry for neglecting you. xD

After the mask is the moisturizer. I actually wanted to get it when it was launched last year. But no budget. Poor student life, must concentrate on food expenses and assignment printings and such. :P

So when I saw the moisturizer...

I just had to re-post in case forgotten. Hahaha.

I nearly skipped a heartbeat. 

Why you come to me when I least expected you? Damn lucky, what did I do in my previous life? 
*Maybe invented a cure for some ill epidemic but didn't get my acknowledgement and was killed by gold diggers. No, I am not joking. Oh okay, I am JOKING.

Last is the CC cream!

The retail manager said the cream is their star product. 

Sorry, I am not in tune with the latest hype on skincare or makeup so for now everything would be new to me. :P

Of all the five products, I only knew about the moisturizer, thanks to my favourite blogger who promoted it in her blog last time.

End of raving about the prize.

Now for some day/night dreaming of my 23yo wishlist. *dream only should be okay, right?

Less than 10 days already and I don't have a wishlist?! Hahaha, because I don't bother but lucky charms seem to be holding up so why not. Besides, it's something new, for once. Hahaha. *crazy hyper rush from this happiness of getting the prize. Okay, I'll stop about the prize.

I only have one wish in mind right now. It's a perfume which I got a sample from a magazine, quite a long time month issue actually and never bothered to use it. 

The moment I used it, I was hooked on it. It smells great!

Now I hope my lucky charms hold up longer. I might be able to get this baby myself. That will be so worth it!

That's all.

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SP: Olay White Radiance Spot & Tone Line

9:30 AM


I received two Olay products to review last month: 
Olay White Radiance CelLucent White Essence Serum and Olay White Radiance Eye Roller.

Before that: let me explain a bit about the products.

It is the new and improved Olay White Radiance Spot Line which accelerates women's skin fairness by reducing up to four years of spots in just one bottle.

"Based on 5 years of research and screening more than 1000 compounds, the new CelLucent IIComplex in Olay White Radiance Spot Line works quickly and effectively target dark spots."

Olay White Radiance Spot Line CelLucent White Essence, the key product in the new Olay White Radiance Spot Line also delivers the following powerful benefits:
  1. In one touch/drop, triggers the penetration into the skin foundation
  2. From first use, begins the whitening/fairness journey and after one jar, it delivers visibly watery translucent fair skin
  3. Reduce appearance of spots earlier/faster at 2 weeks with only half a bottle
  4. Reduce appearance of spots in 2 weeks with only half a bottle
  5. Even better hydrated skin from regimen usage ( Regimen refers to Olay White Radiance CelLucent Essence Water, Olay White Radiance CelLucent White Essence Serum, Olay White Radiance CelLucent White Cream Moisturizer)   
That is a somewhat brief information from a fact sheet I received about the product. Now to explore the two products.

First is the Olay White Radiance CelLucent White Essence Serum, priced at RM99.90.

Actual pictures:

The drop squeeze actually has a slight curve at the edge.

The essence is whitish and a bit watery. After warming up, it becomes a little sticky. There is a slight perfume smell from it which kind of smells like baby lotion.

Second is the Olay White Radiance Eye Roller Ball, priced at RM44.90.

Actual pictures:

When using this product, I need to press the white end so that the liquid comes out from the roller balls.


I have used the products for almost a month now. I noticed that my face seemed to whiten. However, as I am fair skin, it's the spots left from acne scars that matter. From the above picture, the spots could be seen clearly. After almost a month, the spots has disappeared. The red dot in the Before picture has also whiten out until there is only a soft grey left. For the Eye Roller, I have dreadful dark circles. The eye roller's three ball is comforting. At first application, I feel a cold feeling on my dark circles. But it doesn't last after rolling it around. The liquid leaves a sticky feeling around the eyes but as it gets absorb, it didn't bother me. As can be seen from the pictures, the dark circles has lighten up a bit but not much. 

Maybe I have very stubborn dark circles...

Packaging: The serum bottle is normal and nothing special from other serum bottles in the market. The eye roller is great as it is convenient to use. I can bring it in my bag for a quick eye massage.

Olay White Radiance CelLucent White Essence Serum- 4 stars
Olay White Radiance Eye Roller Ball- 4 stars (Because of the convenience)

Both products are currently available in all leading pharmacies.

Thank you for reading!
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19/01: Life as it is

9:35 AM


I had so much fun yesterday and I got to ruin my diet in the process. :P

It's the dinner that really sent me to heaven. *not literally of course, just a figure of speech

The aroma, the sauce... even if I know it ruins my diet. 

P.S: I checked and it went up at almost 3kg. Oh sh*t. Pardon the swear, I censored it okay.

Later I will do a post about it; the picture is still in my phone and I have to go to my driving class after this.

It's my last class for the 8 hours training. >.<

I planned to take my JPJ test next Wednesday, the faster it finishes, the faster I could relax.

January is turning alright for me, even if there were, um, some unpleasant moments brought onto self by self truly, at least there's a balance of those. 

So yeah, few more days to go for my special date. Date as in calendar. Not a date, date. *I know it is lame.

That's all for one of my diary entry.

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Product review: uGem OSIM

12:30 PM


I got this uGem last year, for an early 2014 gift to myself and also because I had this Watsons voucher, whereby I could get it at RM50, instead of RM89. 

First of all, pictures of the product!

The back of the box describes the product. It can also be used to massage the chin area for a firmer and more defined facial contour.

It is wrapped in a dust proof plastic and neatly space for it, for safe keeping. The crystal shows the mode of operation after you open the cover..

Once opening the cover, the crystal will be at the 'Off' mode. You slide it to 'On' and the uGem starts vibrating. Please note that the vibration may annoy some but is is actually a good exercise for your hands. There is also another mode which is 'Open'. This is the battery compartment.

The above picture shows the magnetic node of uGem.. It improves circulation and helps relieve eye puffiness, fine lines and dark circles.

To open the battery compartment, just twist the crystal to 'Open' and slide out. This product requires one AA battery. Preferably, get a reusable battery for it. The OSIM salesperson informed me that the included battery may last for two weeks with frequent usage. I didn't use it much because of the somehow annoying vibration to my hands.

Verdict: I felt the magnetic node when using the product near the edge of my eyebrow. It leaves a tingling feeling there. When applied to my eye bags and dark circles, there's a minimum to none of the tingling feeling. So far, I have only used it at night, after applying toner and before eye cream. I also like to massage my chin area. One thing that works is I don't feel or there is less headache especially during the last two weeks of my exams. Guess the effect is that. One thing that I dislike about this product is the vibration. It is a hand-held product so there's nothing I can do about that. Looking at the bright side, my hands got a free massage of its own. 

uGem OSIM, at RM89. 

Love? Hate?

Neither of the above, just like.

Have you bought this? What do you think about it? Leave your comments below.

Thank you. 

*Disclaimer: Opinions are my own unless clarified as not. Pictures are mine and permission needed to copy them. Please send an email to
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Collision...and no, it's not physical

11:46 PM


I feel kind of moody tonight.

It's when I think of some stuff, randomly and it starts spinning here there until what I was thinking in the beginning is completely different in the end. Yeah, award for over-thinking. 

I am going to turn one year older soon but not exactly being happy about it. It is colliding with another bigger, more important event. It always seem to do that and without fail this year as well.

I am feeling guilty of being selfish. The other event IS more important than a birthday. I shouldn't feel sad. The right thing would be excitement and happiness. 

But I don't feel that way. 

Honestly, I feel this calendar is ruining my important day.

Oh yeah, award for the most selfish moment of my life. :P

Just a bit, I hope for something unexpected but that would be wishing my lucky stars to behave. I might get the reverse effect instead. Haha...

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