Thoughts at 1AM

1:12 AM

Hi. I am going to sleep but first, some thoughts of wisdom before I ponder over them and end up not sleeping.

1. Never ever forget you put 'minyak kapak' on your neck then rubs it. Ouch, my eyes sting like hell.

2. Remember to stretch out your back. Those aches really ache.

3. Back acne should not exist.

4. On that note, DUST shouldn't exist either.

5. Oh, incoming Whatsapp messages. *cue the vibrations

6. Just remembered why I wanted to blog. 

7. LOL= Laugh Out Loud/ Lots Of Love. 

8. Jokes aside, the above is still very, very mean.

9. From a 22 years old, 'manner-less' youngster doesn't apply here.

10. Be a 'bigger' person and apologize.

11. Because hurting feelings is never okay.

12. Hope the world becomes a better place.

13. But reality wise, it might just as well become worse.

Somehow I ended up sounding demotivated about Life. *Gives self a slap on cheek

Right, I feel better now and so, time to sleep! Goodnight!
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