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I am almost free from this semester's assignments. :P

Yea, I still have my thesis and presentations next week but let's say I am ready to face them all. 

Plus, this Sunday I am going to Big Bad Wolf Sale. I went last year and bought 10 books. The surprising thing was I didn't target anything in particular. It was an adventure browsing the place to find books that interest me. This time I will limit to 8 fantasy books and 2 optional genres which could either be hobbies type or reference material. 

That's how I am. It's a great adventure to just go with nothing in mind, picking up a random book and falling in love with the story line. Heck, I love my books from last year. :D (Hey, I might just do a review on those books!)

On a side note, I still have To-do No 3. Hopefully I can do the post this weekend.

P.S: This is a diary entry. :)
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