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Actually I wanted to post something happy and enlightening whatever but spare me, I'm human and some stuffs really pissed me off this past week Or at least in this few hours, had made me wonder how, in all amazement, do these people live?!

Yesterday was an example already. I volunteered to help for my faculty's seminar. So sorry couldn't help the last minute evening preparation there. But I arrived early on the morning, thanks to my parents early ride. Haha..

So seminar started 9am, students should arrive around 8am. Oh, Malaysian time, make that around 9.15am. -.-

Well, anyway, I wasn't happy. Even though I literally plastered a smile on my face, I was fuming inside. The nerve of some individuals!!

Okay, end that or people will get prick a lot. Now isn't that kind? I name no names here but you can still feel the prick of conscience unless you don't have any. Oh, you have the right to think I'm not perfect myself. This is a free world. 

Sorry, I digress.

Currently doing excel calculation for one of my assignments. And I am calming myself every minute. 

I can't work if I'm upset about it anyway. Better I just do whatever there is. 

What the hell, I am definitely watching Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Monday afternoon. 

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