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Know Tammy Miu? How about her blog: Plus Size Kitten? Still no idea? Really?? 

Okay, how about The Butterfly Project


The Butterfly Project is a community of independent beauty and lifestyle bloggers geared towards inspiring everyone around us.
Designing monthly blogging projects to inspire
Welcome to the Butterfly Project, a community that welcomes beauty & lifestyle bloggers around Malaysia blogging with a focus and from the heart, soul and passion. At Butterfly Project, we design monthly projects for bloggers that would benefit, motivate and encourage them to find their voice, goals and dreams.

Walk away inspired, full of ideas and armed with your blog knowing you can make a difference while making a bunch of new friends in a supportive online environment. 
(P.S: Copy paste from the FB page. So, if you can't see clearly, please click on the link above. :D )

I got to know about the Butterfly Project through Bag of Love. By the way, I might not be in time to get their Nov bag.. :'(

Okay, back to the mission of this post!

We, Butterflies, have a mission of sharing the Philips Innovation That Matters To You contest. 

This contest is being held internationally with Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, ALL competing to get the best ideas from their people AND making it come true!

Let's watch this video~

So how can you share as well?

Well, if you are a blogger (like ME, *ahem), you can follow the steps below.

1. Submit an idea!
Can you build a safer city? Or closer to home (and heart), a healthier home? Click here for idea submission!

My idea:
"An interactive game like the Sim game that has players eating by choosing healthy ingredients and also getting the player to do exercises. There will be goals in the game and players get points. With points, players get discounts in eateries that support health food."

2. Blog about the contest! (Which I am doing now.)
After you submit your idea, blog about it and tell what the contest is about. There are prizes as well in this contest. Click here to know what the prizes are!

3. Submit your blog post!
After you have blogged about the contest, including your idea for the contest, drop your blog post link at or at her blog. 

Oh, don't forget to copy paste this at the bottom of your blog post!

Join the conversations on #meaningfulinnovation on Facebook, Twitter @PhilipsMY and Instagram and visit to find out more!

Thanks for reading! Bye~
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  1. thank you for supporting our philips project Anna! and I'm so happy you found us through Bag of Love!


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