9:19 PM


I'm trying something new on my brother's other laptop.


Before I tell what it is, here's a short story about what happened to Stitchy.
P.S: My artwork has always been horrible~ Sorry for that. :P 

Where my Stitchy went?

After several attempts by which I was distracted by anime,books,dramas, Running Man, etc

Happily waited since Stitchy took longer to start up.
But Stitchy NEVER start up!
Then tried to switch off, creepy sound came out.


So, asked Dad and sent to repair shop.
Not my Stitchy, not Stitchy's 2nd time for repair.
(Last time, around May/June, Stitchy went for repair.)

So bored without Stitchy around~

Stitchy! Faster come back!!


First, sorry for my horrible artwork. Yeah, I don't pretend it's Picasso or Da Vinci or whatever lah!

Anyway, I'm trying to do some illustration. My blog looks so empty and since I'm busy with assignments that has so many words coming and going out of my brain... Just let's say I need some visual motivation right now.

Plus, I had fun doing this short story! :D

But yeah, it's horrible artwork...

Tomorrow I might get Stitchy back! Might only lah.

So until then, bye bye!
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