Halloween's Little Black Witch

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I mentioned previously of doing a special eye make-up for this Halloween.

I gave a little tease in the last post: Yellow, silver, grey and black.

Here's the site's link and below is the image of the look.

My 15-20 minutes effort:

My eyeshadows aren't much so I made do with what I have. The yellow eyeshadow was terrible. Even though I put quite a lot, it faded out through the day and no one notices the colour. I skipped doing the tail as it would have looked empty with the invisible yellow. I didn't put any red too. 

More like I made it into a simpler version.

Note: I need more colours and good quality ones. 
Consequences: Unsatisfied make-up artist (as if, pfffft!)

A nicer view of my effort.
Cheat one when add in filter and nice frame, sure looked great. 

The Little Black Witch giving kisses and love. 

Anyway, I received mostly positive reviews from my friends. They took a guess and thought my eye make-up was for a cat.

I might do more eye make-up. It's fun and entertaining for me. Actually my first serious eye make-up, I can't believe it looked well done. *smug face

Finishing collage~
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  1. I really like the fact that you are brave enough to go to college with the make up and outfit. I thought no one will ever have the guts to wear beyond just a pair of jeans and a tshirt in our class! Well done, Jue! And you looked pretty as always ;)

  2. Thanks, Ayeen! Love your cat beanie!

    Hahaha, initially I considered the responses, from UM gate to class. Thank goodness, no hold up at the gate. So it's actually UM-appropriate. ;) After that, it was confidence all the way!


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