Tame Halloween for now

11:11 PM


Tomorrow is 31st October and it's the end of October! (Yes, Captain Obvious, duhh.)

Painted my nails with the Glow in the Dark nail polish but I can't tell whether it glows or not.

I planned to do a Halloween eye make-up from an idea I got from Mr Google. Later, I will link the actual site. 

Hope I can remake the make-up. It's really great and I love the original one. A small teaser: It has yellow, silver, grey and black in the look. :)

At first, I thought of doing a pumpkin look but I didn't have any orange eye shadow. My make-up is pretty much limited right now. Maybe when I start working, the collection will grow? So far, I prefer foundations, eyeliners and lip gloss. Especially lip gloss. My lips tend to crack easily and terrible to look at plus the pain. :(

Okay, need to remember my prep time tomorrow.

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