Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tame Halloween for now


Tomorrow is 31st October and it's the end of October! (Yes, Captain Obvious, duhh.)

Painted my nails with the Glow in the Dark nail polish but I can't tell whether it glows or not.

I planned to do a Halloween eye make-up from an idea I got from Mr Google. Later, I will link the actual site. 

Hope I can remake the make-up. It's really great and I love the original one. A small teaser: It has yellow, silver, grey and black in the look. :)

At first, I thought of doing a pumpkin look but I didn't have any orange eye shadow. My make-up is pretty much limited right now. Maybe when I start working, the collection will grow? So far, I prefer foundations, eyeliners and lip gloss. Especially lip gloss. My lips tend to crack easily and terrible to look at plus the pain. :(

Okay, need to remember my prep time tomorrow.

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