le first cosplay (or almost)

11:57 AM


Last Sunday 20 Oct 2013

Cosmart at Parkamaya@ Fahrenheit88

Bought this Katekyo Hitman Reborn bag. 
Original price: RM100, discounted 10%
Got it for RM90

Love it, simple, roomy. :)

Bought this without knowing which anime it is from. Hahaha
Includes wig, whole price: RM160

Checked out what anime it was, so lucky found out.
From Starry Sky, originally an otome game and turned into an anime.
The school uniform is from Seigetsu Academy. :)

The male characters are cute/handsome/gorgeous by the way.
Currently my wallpaper. <3

Bought a K-On school uniform too.
Price: Err.. I forgot already how much. Not more than RM100 and not less than RM50.

Was targeting Enma Ai (Hell Girl) uniform and Shakugan no Shana but no stock already. :(


Last Thursday tried out the Seigetsu Academy uniform.

Love it so much!!!!!

Ok bye~

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