Impulsive me

9:50 PM

Yes, I am, to a certain degree. :P

Anyway, I am currently making use of public transport. Though sometimes I get childish and request for a ride from my parents. Especially when it's raining and I have to use a bus at 4.30PM, which equals to 'I don't want'. 

So taking into point that I am 22 this year ( feel like so old, why??), I thought I should get serious on this one thing in my life.

Get a driver's license. Pronto!

Haha.. -.-

I did started my learning way back when I was 20 or something, when the university was doing its rescheduling and out of nowhere, 4 months break.

However, I wasn't keen at the time. I felt more like being forced and I hated the lessons. 

Then after some few lessons on the road, I started liking it and thought, hey, this is easy, I can do this.

Next, I did the most humiliating thing while driving. I blame the idiot beginner driver in front of me.

Okay, my fault as well but what was a yet-to-pass driver supposed to do??


That's passed and now it's 2013.

After a hard look at myself, okay, let's face it this time. I have to get it.

I just registered last week. My friends registered as well. Now to think of when to have the seminar.

Hopefully I finish by December. :)

Wish me luck and courage.

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