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Can't believe how much I had procrastinated after telling and warned myself not to! Haha, typical human weak will. Anyway, there's my thesis deadline this Friday and frankly, not much work done there. On an unrelated note, my room is tidier than it has ever been. *pats self on head

But that's just my room. Cheat one because I kinda just realign where most of the stuff goes to so that it won't be directly in sight from Dad's view.

Oh thesis work.. I am seriously behind schedule, should give myself a slap to wake up but no, I'm too vain. So a note here that I might be grumpy, moody because of the work which always tend to make me like that.

On a side note, I'm going to dye my hair again this Wed. It's going to be Ash. Will post pictures after the dye session. Hope the colour is okay since I am still going to my university and walking past the sentry.. 

Okay, that's the updates. Hope my thesis finished before the deadline. But I'm a magic with words. 

Let them flow out and do your magic!

Bye bye! 
My first flower pattern blouse
Love it!!

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