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Went wild at Berjaya Megamall, Kuantan. All because I was on limited time. -.- Oh, it was another visiting brother trip. :)
Anyway, it's two blouses (I think), one black dress (I super love the cut)  and one maxi jeans dress (is that even the correct arrangement of words).
My target that day was one shirt/blouse with flowers on it.

Was super upset that the prices were mostly pricey then found this beauty! Luckily after discount, it was fairly affordable for me. 

I thought I should try new patterns. This is the first blouse with this pattern. I have a black and white boxy pattern too. Since it looked great, I bought it immediately! :D

Isn't it adorable? Hahaha~

I loved how it looked even from far. Okay, not really far far. But it was put on a mannequin and it looked great. When I tried it on, I fell in love at once at how the dress was made. 
Oh, no picture for the maxi jeans dress. It was oversize so better I use it as a coat. It worked when left unbutton. :)
Alright! Those are all my purchases. 
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