Tame Halloween for now

11:11 PM


Tomorrow is 31st October and it's the end of October! (Yes, Captain Obvious, duhh.)

Painted my nails with the Glow in the Dark nail polish but I can't tell whether it glows or not.

I planned to do a Halloween eye make-up from an idea I got from Mr Google. Later, I will link the actual site. 

Hope I can remake the make-up. It's really great and I love the original one. A small teaser: It has yellow, silver, grey and black in the look. :)

At first, I thought of doing a pumpkin look but I didn't have any orange eye shadow. My make-up is pretty much limited right now. Maybe when I start working, the collection will grow? So far, I prefer foundations, eyeliners and lip gloss. Especially lip gloss. My lips tend to crack easily and terrible to look at plus the pain. :(

Okay, need to remember my prep time tomorrow.

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Review: Bag of Love Oct

10:25 PM

I subscribed to a beauty bag called Bag of Love. It's my first subscription so I'm really excited to blog about it. (I received it yesterday but my mind needed rest after the KPP test. If not, my magic words won't flow well. :D ) 
It's the October one which also means the month of Halloween and Mi Mi, the creator of the bag decided to make it her theme! Yeah!!
These are all the stuff in the Bag of Love Lice.
Altogether, there are seven (7) items!

This is her Description Sheet which tells how to use the product. Love Mi Mi's caricature!
A witch on a broomstick!

This is the October bag! It's simple, white material and to close it, I have to pull the two ropes at the bag's mouth. The pumpkin is too adorable!

Now, let's take a look at the products in the bag!

SP Color Save Shampoo, 250ml, RM72
Bag of Love provided a sample, 30ml. If your hair love it, you can purchase it. :)

I started my love of hair dyes this year and my hair is quite damage. Even now, I stock up on a lot of hair cares like shampoo, conditioner, oils, leave-on conditioner, etc..

Too bad I bought my new hair care shampoo and conditioner just last week. However, I might consider SP next time when my supply runs out.

SP Repair Mask, 200ml, RM109
Sample size, 30ml.

Actually, I don't remember the last time I used a hair mask. Time to try out this product and hope I get shiny, manageable hair! (P.S: Bag of Love, are you psychic?? Just what I need!)

Collistar Biorevitalizing Anti-cellulite Concentrate, 200ml, RM185
Sample size, 30ml

Never tried any type of cream before.. Okay, challenge accepted!

Nanowhite Infinity Color Correction (CC) Cream SPF50/Pa+++ 
Full sized, RM49.90

This product is totally unexpected, Bag of Love! Scroll down to know why~ :D

There are two different brushes, either Definite Smudger Brush or Definite Eye Blender Brush.
I got Definite Smudger Brush.
Full sized, RM69

My first make-up brush which has a brand! Honestly, most good ones are so pricey so I will think and think whether I will use them or they will collect dust and spiders in some hidden space in my room. Thanks, Bag of Love, for my first official make-up brush! :)

Splassh Mini Glow in the Dark Nail Polish in 64
7.5ml, Full sized, RM3.90
Oh, it's blue~ 

Ever heard of glow in the dark? Yes, we have it but as a nail polish??

I will paint my nails tomorrow night and watch how it glows.

Lovely Chocolate Spa Treatment Voucher
per pax RM99++ for 75 mins

Totally unexpected treat! Bag of Love, you are spoiling me with chocolate!! xD

Oh the unexpected twist!

Nanowhite Infinity CC Cream has a TWIN!!

It's identical twins even!

I'm actually a fan of Nanowhite and have been using their products since 2011. I bought this CC Cream around July but didn't use up much because I didn't want to repurchase just yet. 

However, I have an identical twin now! Light Beige and Light Beige!

Thanks so much, Bag of Love!!

If you want to subscribe to Bag of Love, here's the link and the FB page for juicy surprises!

There's a monthly, quarterly and annually subscription!

Bye for now!
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Passed, almost barely

11:37 PM


So I've passed the KPP Test, with 44/50 in less than 9 minutes. XD

Next is the driving lessons, can't wait to check if I still remember the steps. 

On another note, I can't wait for my holidays next week.

Oh, I have to check on companies I want to intern with. I'm thinking of experience and also the place I want to work in. It's not easy..

Well, thinking much doesn't suit me since it may make me not do it in the end. 

Anyway, I need to choose myself. Hope no external influences though.

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KPP test

12:15 AM


Guess what, around 9AM Monday (today), I'm going to sit for my SECOND KPP test. Hahaha -.-

Yes, I passed it last time, had my L then didn't finish my practical. I was too unmotivated to continue it that time. I had serious no-confidence-driving-a-car issue. 


Go get it, lady!! Partly because I can drive out of home.

Hope I passed it easily. 


P.S: The new edition of KPP is shit, I say. What's with the errors in printing? I thought my BM is terrible enough then I feel better after reading through those crappy sentences. >:D
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le first cosplay (or almost)

11:57 AM


Last Sunday 20 Oct 2013

Cosmart at Parkamaya@ Fahrenheit88

Bought this Katekyo Hitman Reborn bag. 
Original price: RM100, discounted 10%
Got it for RM90

Love it, simple, roomy. :)

Bought this without knowing which anime it is from. Hahaha
Includes wig, whole price: RM160

Checked out what anime it was, so lucky found out.
From Starry Sky, originally an otome game and turned into an anime.
The school uniform is from Seigetsu Academy. :)

The male characters are cute/handsome/gorgeous by the way.
Currently my wallpaper. <3

Bought a K-On school uniform too.
Price: Err.. I forgot already how much. Not more than RM100 and not less than RM50.

Was targeting Enma Ai (Hell Girl) uniform and Shakugan no Shana but no stock already. :(


Last Thursday tried out the Seigetsu Academy uniform.

Love it so much!!!!!

Ok bye~

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12:01 AM


Can't believe how much I had procrastinated after telling and warned myself not to! Haha, typical human weak will. Anyway, there's my thesis deadline this Friday and frankly, not much work done there. On an unrelated note, my room is tidier than it has ever been. *pats self on head

But that's just my room. Cheat one because I kinda just realign where most of the stuff goes to so that it won't be directly in sight from Dad's view.

Oh thesis work.. I am seriously behind schedule, should give myself a slap to wake up but no, I'm too vain. So a note here that I might be grumpy, moody because of the work which always tend to make me like that.

On a side note, I'm going to dye my hair again this Wed. It's going to be Ash. Will post pictures after the dye session. Hope the colour is okay since I am still going to my university and walking past the sentry.. 

Okay, that's the updates. Hope my thesis finished before the deadline. But I'm a magic with words. 

Let them flow out and do your magic!

Bye bye! 
My first flower pattern blouse
Love it!!

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4 new purchases

10:01 PM

Went wild at Berjaya Megamall, Kuantan. All because I was on limited time. -.- Oh, it was another visiting brother trip. :)
Anyway, it's two blouses (I think), one black dress (I super love the cut)  and one maxi jeans dress (is that even the correct arrangement of words).
My target that day was one shirt/blouse with flowers on it.

Was super upset that the prices were mostly pricey then found this beauty! Luckily after discount, it was fairly affordable for me. 

I thought I should try new patterns. This is the first blouse with this pattern. I have a black and white boxy pattern too. Since it looked great, I bought it immediately! :D

Isn't it adorable? Hahaha~

I loved how it looked even from far. Okay, not really far far. But it was put on a mannequin and it looked great. When I tried it on, I fell in love at once at how the dress was made. 
Oh, no picture for the maxi jeans dress. It was oversize so better I use it as a coat. It worked when left unbutton. :)
Alright! Those are all my purchases. 
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Bus Trip

Impulsive me

9:50 PM

Yes, I am, to a certain degree. :P

Anyway, I am currently making use of public transport. Though sometimes I get childish and request for a ride from my parents. Especially when it's raining and I have to use a bus at 4.30PM, which equals to 'I don't want'. 

So taking into point that I am 22 this year ( feel like so old, why??), I thought I should get serious on this one thing in my life.

Get a driver's license. Pronto!

Haha.. -.-

I did started my learning way back when I was 20 or something, when the university was doing its rescheduling and out of nowhere, 4 months break.

However, I wasn't keen at the time. I felt more like being forced and I hated the lessons. 

Then after some few lessons on the road, I started liking it and thought, hey, this is easy, I can do this.

Next, I did the most humiliating thing while driving. I blame the idiot beginner driver in front of me.

Okay, my fault as well but what was a yet-to-pass driver supposed to do??


That's passed and now it's 2013.

After a hard look at myself, okay, let's face it this time. I have to get it.

I just registered last week. My friends registered as well. Now to think of when to have the seminar.

Hopefully I finish by December. :)

Wish me luck and courage.

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