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11:43 PM

Hi! I'm back from Pahang already. Though it felt like we didn't go anywhere.

So how was it?

Dramatic, as always, when I'm with my family. Daddy won't let me tell so shush shush~

What I can tell is the night stay at this horrible hotel. I think Mummy and I agreed that it's by far the most horrible. 

Grand City II Hotel, Kuantan: It's secluded, the surrounding was dodgy and night life just can't be awesome enough.

-.- I hate it.

I don't mind the cleanliness much (the bin wasn't emptied in the room but it was only two used sachets of coffee or how the cups and spoons were still dirty).

What I do mind was I woke up at around 3AM, with disco right next to me.

Okay, exaggerating but we were on 1st floor. That doesn't help when it's disco and what sounds like beats in the music. Die laa, I tell you. Never ever that horrible!!

So morning came and we actually left the hotel earlier than planned. Daddy said he got a discount from the actual payment he thought. I'd say should be discounted more when even the WiFi was terrible.

Oh I checked out the review. I can't believe how some reviews can be good. Maybe we just got unlucky enough that the disco was on that night.

Never mind. We blacklisted that hotel. 

That's all.

Bye bye!

P.S: Think I have courage enough to start my own video? Just a thought...
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