Saturday, September 14, 2013

Vietnam Part 2

Update: So long that I nearly just thought of not posting this. Haha -.-

But since I'm going to post another thing, might as well make this visible. XD
Warning, it's a half work post so don't expect much.....

It's part 2 now!

Part 2: 31/8- 7/9
So let's start a short story telling.


Trip to Cu Chi Tunnel. It was worth the tiredness and ache in legs.

Rest day. I seriously can't walk without pain in both my legs. T.T

Trip to Mekong Delta!! 

Lecture series.

Lecture series

Err.. lecture series... 

Whatever, I cant remember.. -.-"

Going back to KLIA this evening. Had a last lunch at The Daun restaurant. The owner (?) suddenly took a picture of me and Dila. Hahaha.. We were both being empty heads that time and just kinda nodded when asked for a picture. >.<

Then off to the airport. Some of the UFM students came to see us off. They're really so nice!
And so I am back home with my family.

That's all. 


P.S: Actually I have work to do... :[
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