Vietnam Part 1

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There's quite a lot to tell for my trip to Vietnam. My 1st day was great but that's only about 10% of the whole 2 weeks trip.
Because it's too much and a long post, I'll divide into two parts, each for the 2 weeks. 
Part 1: 24/8 - 30/8
At the KLIA
It's the 1st day in Vietnam. Just after a shower so it was a little bit cold. 

First impression: What a lot of motorcycles and what cute (?) helmets. 

First trip to the hotel. Already introduced in the 1st day post. Here's the name of the hotel: Vietnam General Confederation of Labour, Office B- Guest House in District One. It's comfortable and we mostly walked around the area. Oh yea, we walked a lot there. Crossing roads was challenging but after this first week, it was normal to see a lot of motorcycles. xD

My first meal was at Kampung Melayu Halal Restaurant near Ben Thanh Market. The food was pricey as per standard for most Halal food. I only dared to try the street food next week. 

Trip to Ben Thanh Market before class on Monday. It was an interesting market, more less the same like the market I went to in China where bargaining is an art. I only bought key chains for this first visit. An incident but resolved the next day so I'm not mentioning it for privacy purpose. :)

First trip to University of Finance and Marketing (UFM). Honestly we were surprised by the welcoming. Imagine the students lining up and clapping at your arrival! 

Felt like a VIP in that moment and all I could do was smiled shyly. How to not shy when the welcome so grand one! xD 

After the initial surprise welcoming, we were to introduce ourselves and vice versa. Can I just mention that the guys were enjoying themselves? Hahaha, they were, kept making laughs. Altogether, first day at UFM was great.

Our welcoming ceremony! Plus we had to do a last minute performance. And the UFM students did another surprise. Why are they so unexpected ones haa??!! Hahahaha XD They suddenly did the 'Rasa Sayang' song, which we had also prepared. 

After the performance was our lecture series. Yea, I call them lecture series and let's just say I rather not mention much about them because some are hits and some misses. My friends know what I mean.....

Lecture series...... I think. Two site visits: Celadon City and The Complex. The later is my group's site. It was pretty much on the way construction.


Filtered Vietnamese Coffee with Milk

To be continued ...
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