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What is sincerity actually?

When I think back of some situations, I know some were sincere and some weren't. Only two scenarios will warrant sincerity: when in anger or when you are talking and talking and something slip out. Only those two meant the most.

I don't want to put anyone in situations where they would have to lie to me or go against their own feelings. 

I wrote posts about my grades last time but stopped. Guess it was like me bragging about my grades. Heh, my hidden agenda perhaps. Never fail this hidden agenda, always behind anyone's actions. 

I've learnt to not tell anyone except family and a few close friends, if they ask. Honestly, who really truly sincerely congratulates another's success? I've come to recognize that some do sound sincere and some don't. Even peppered with cynicism. It's lonely not telling anyone about my success but I don't want a congratulation with no sincerity. 

P.S: For the record, I am almost sincere in all my doings and sayings. Almost. I don't guarantee a full 100%. Better saying this out loud than labeling me some righteous fellow. I have my faults and no, I dislike preaching. Yuck! 

Anyway, who am I kidding? My grades are roller coasters to me. It's not that I don't care, I do because it does show me how much I've learnt but seriously, not all life lessons are learnt through books or exams. I search for experiences.

But some working environment were really horrible. There's quarreling, tardiness and other issues I can't say. It made me mad, thinking this is not the environment I want to work in. 

It might be dreaming too big. Heck, I dream what I want.

I dream of a working environment that I want to work in. My ideal one. With the right people in it too. People who can understand my ideals.

Now it sounds like a dream typing down what I think.

Well, a person can dream but only actions make it happen. :)

Bye bye.
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