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What is sincerity actually?

When I think back of some situations, I know some were sincere and some weren't. Only two scenarios will warrant sincerity: when in anger or when you are talking and talking and something slip out. Only those two meant the most.

I don't want to put anyone in situations where they would have to lie to me or go against their own feelings. 

I wrote posts about my grades last time but stopped. Guess it was like me bragging about my grades. Heh, my hidden agenda perhaps. Never fail this hidden agenda, always behind anyone's actions. 

I've learnt to not tell anyone except family and a few close friends, if they ask. Honestly, who really truly sincerely congratulates another's success? I've come to recognize that some do sound sincere and some don't. Even peppered with cynicism. It's lonely not telling anyone about my success but I don't want a congratulation with no sincerity. 

P.S: For the record, I am almost sincere in all my doings and sayings. Almost. I don't guarantee a full 100%. Better saying this out loud than labeling me some righteous fellow. I have my faults and no, I dislike preaching. Yuck! 

Anyway, who am I kidding? My grades are roller coasters to me. It's not that I don't care, I do because it does show me how much I've learnt but seriously, not all life lessons are learnt through books or exams. I search for experiences.

But some working environment were really horrible. There's quarreling, tardiness and other issues I can't say. It made me mad, thinking this is not the environment I want to work in. 

It might be dreaming too big. Heck, I dream what I want.

I dream of a working environment that I want to work in. My ideal one. With the right people in it too. People who can understand my ideals.

Now it sounds like a dream typing down what I think.

Well, a person can dream but only actions make it happen. :)

Bye bye.
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Being too awesome

8:30 PM


Okay, quite some things happen this week.

Monday was holiday, Malaysia Day. But since most people assume Independence Day is the only important one for *ahem Malaysia, why bother declaring Malaysia Day, I tell you? Maybe HISTORY hasn't grown on people for so many to get it so wrong. I mentioned it and all I get is a confused look. Why bother anyway? *Sigh* I really worry how Malaysia will become when even that simple fact is confusing for many.

Tuesday was Poster 1 submission. A bit hectic but it was considerably smooth compared to another incident of poster submission. My uplift mood was being fetched by Mum after class. At least until I get my driver's license. 

Wednesday was the start of a drama. Ughhh ... It was for Marketing and Business Skill subject. I thought settling a group for tutorial first but suddenly we had to settle for the assignment group too. Don't see the problem? Tutorial group = 3 person. Assignment group = 4 person. Pick and match. And then confusion broke out. Originally I wanted to be with Dila. I honestly wanted that. But in all the rush, groups were formed and there were a few groups with 3 person only. =.= So ended that I joined into a group which had two guys and one girl and Dila joined another group. Here I thought, okay, settled already. Then both the guys don't want to be leader. And I know the girl would be too busy and it is horrible putting more burden on her so I thought, again, that okay, I don't mind. Ho Ho Ho ... Things went all wrong the next day.

Thursday = drama day. I was lining up to buy chicken rice with Dila. It was hot, it was tiring waiting at a line that seemed to move very slow. All of a sudden, someone approached me and the talk was really unexpected. Turned out that somebody didn't have a group for assignment and the group I'm in was thinking of transferring me out. The main point at that moment was how the hell did they discuss without involving me when end of their discussion, my name gets to be the decision. Oh, I put it as the final decision after hearing the story. 

Here's a short version as relayed to me:
A didn't have a group yet. Group B didn't want him and A also didn't want Group B. Group A (my initial group) was approached by A. So one of the guys offered to transfer BUT the other guy said no. And all through this I have no idea how I am the final decision. 

Was I upset? YES. Why, because of being transferred out? No. 

What I find disbelieving at the time was how could they have discussed without even calling me to inform that SOMETHING was being discussed. 

Guess I didn't matter in that group so can't be bothered to call eh. Whatever. 

I'm too awesome for that group.


Sweet revenge: Said, "Shut up you." to the guy who didn't let the other guy transfer. Good luck, girlfriend. Rule those guys like a Boss.
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Visiting brother

11:43 PM

Hi! I'm back from Pahang already. Though it felt like we didn't go anywhere.

So how was it?

Dramatic, as always, when I'm with my family. Daddy won't let me tell so shush shush~

What I can tell is the night stay at this horrible hotel. I think Mummy and I agreed that it's by far the most horrible. 

Grand City II Hotel, Kuantan: It's secluded, the surrounding was dodgy and night life just can't be awesome enough.

-.- I hate it.

I don't mind the cleanliness much (the bin wasn't emptied in the room but it was only two used sachets of coffee or how the cups and spoons were still dirty).

What I do mind was I woke up at around 3AM, with disco right next to me.

Okay, exaggerating but we were on 1st floor. That doesn't help when it's disco and what sounds like beats in the music. Die laa, I tell you. Never ever that horrible!!

So morning came and we actually left the hotel earlier than planned. Daddy said he got a discount from the actual payment he thought. I'd say should be discounted more when even the WiFi was terrible.

Oh I checked out the review. I can't believe how some reviews can be good. Maybe we just got unlucky enough that the disco was on that night.

Never mind. We blacklisted that hotel. 

That's all.

Bye bye!

P.S: Think I have courage enough to start my own video? Just a thought...
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Vietnam Part 2

12:00 PM

Update: So long that I nearly just thought of not posting this. Haha -.-

But since I'm going to post another thing, might as well make this visible. XD
Warning, it's a half work post so don't expect much.....

It's part 2 now!

Part 2: 31/8- 7/9
So let's start a short story telling.


Trip to Cu Chi Tunnel. It was worth the tiredness and ache in legs.

Rest day. I seriously can't walk without pain in both my legs. T.T

Trip to Mekong Delta!! 

Lecture series.

Lecture series

Err.. lecture series... 

Whatever, I cant remember.. -.-"

Going back to KLIA this evening. Had a last lunch at The Daun restaurant. The owner (?) suddenly took a picture of me and Dila. Hahaha.. We were both being empty heads that time and just kinda nodded when asked for a picture. >.<

Then off to the airport. Some of the UFM students came to see us off. They're really so nice!
And so I am back home with my family.

That's all. 


P.S: Actually I have work to do... :[
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Next week

12:29 AM

Haha -.-

Oh right, hi. Don't mind me. I just dislike bus rides. But I don't fancy packing again in this near future after the Vietnam trip. 

Packing, unpacking, packing, and unpacking.. seriously that annoys and irritates me. No, I'm not being dramatic. Well, not really. 

So, this week I just lazed at home. A fever actually. It's a damn good excuse not to ride on the bus. I am dreading next week, Tuesday when lectures officially start. Mehhhh -.-

Oh my thesis... haha xD a different matter.

Anyway, I did a kinda big step yesterday. A huge step for me. It turned out well and I'm glad and thankful too. I guess there's still hope in what I didn't believe in at first. It made me happy, not so scared anymore.  So yea, it's a secret. xP

Another step forward, I'll say!

Let's see what the future holds!

Bye bye~

P.S: I am random. xD
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Vietnam Part 1

10:01 AM

There's quite a lot to tell for my trip to Vietnam. My 1st day was great but that's only about 10% of the whole 2 weeks trip.
Because it's too much and a long post, I'll divide into two parts, each for the 2 weeks. 
Part 1: 24/8 - 30/8
At the KLIA
It's the 1st day in Vietnam. Just after a shower so it was a little bit cold. 

First impression: What a lot of motorcycles and what cute (?) helmets. 

First trip to the hotel. Already introduced in the 1st day post. Here's the name of the hotel: Vietnam General Confederation of Labour, Office B- Guest House in District One. It's comfortable and we mostly walked around the area. Oh yea, we walked a lot there. Crossing roads was challenging but after this first week, it was normal to see a lot of motorcycles. xD

My first meal was at Kampung Melayu Halal Restaurant near Ben Thanh Market. The food was pricey as per standard for most Halal food. I only dared to try the street food next week. 

Trip to Ben Thanh Market before class on Monday. It was an interesting market, more less the same like the market I went to in China where bargaining is an art. I only bought key chains for this first visit. An incident but resolved the next day so I'm not mentioning it for privacy purpose. :)

First trip to University of Finance and Marketing (UFM). Honestly we were surprised by the welcoming. Imagine the students lining up and clapping at your arrival! 

Felt like a VIP in that moment and all I could do was smiled shyly. How to not shy when the welcome so grand one! xD 

After the initial surprise welcoming, we were to introduce ourselves and vice versa. Can I just mention that the guys were enjoying themselves? Hahaha, they were, kept making laughs. Altogether, first day at UFM was great.

Our welcoming ceremony! Plus we had to do a last minute performance. And the UFM students did another surprise. Why are they so unexpected ones haa??!! Hahahaha XD They suddenly did the 'Rasa Sayang' song, which we had also prepared. 

After the performance was our lecture series. Yea, I call them lecture series and let's just say I rather not mention much about them because some are hits and some misses. My friends know what I mean.....

Lecture series...... I think. Two site visits: Celadon City and The Complex. The later is my group's site. It was pretty much on the way construction.


Filtered Vietnamese Coffee with Milk

To be continued ...
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I'm home!

10:51 PM

Hi! I have just got back from Vietnam. Sorry for the absence of posts while there, WiFi was playing catch-me-if-you-can so yea, you know what that means. Anyway, I'll try to update on my Vietnam trip. It was super fun! 

I'm missing the place already and the people too. 

Tomorrow might be a trip to see my brother in Pahang. So no promises on the posts!

Sleepy on my own bed now. Goodnight!
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