Vietnam: 1st day

11:00 PM


Yea, I am in Vietnam now.
Flight was okay. Had Noodles Black Pepper (was it?) and Apple Juice on flight. I even managed to sleep for a while. I wanted to watch a movie but there weren't many choices and I can't hear clearly. The headphone provided was bigger than my head and kept slipping down, :|

The bus that is going to help us travel sometimes in this trip. So far I haven't taken my motion sickness pills.

My room is a three single beds room. I will only tell the hotel's name after the trip is over. :)

The view from the hotel room. The vehicles here are mostly motorcycles and the traffic is quite hectic but runs smoothly. It's like they have an unwritten law on motorcycles here. Oh, no pedestrian lights. You cross and motorcycles swerve to avoid you. Or they slow down. There's only red lights for cars to stop with a timer. Motorcycles' light is always green. 

This is where we had our dinner. The bus left us around the corner.

I had Seafood Kuay Tiaw and Carrot Juice with Milk. It was 110,000 dong and 45,000 dong respectively. 

That's all. Bye bye. 

P.S: This is a cheat post actually. I was so sleepy yesterday when got back to the room. Haha.. :P
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