Pack, pack and pack!

7:00 AM

Yea, I'm almost done packing. However, I'm worried of fragile items, especially my skincare. None of them are glass types really but just in case the airline handling leave much to be desired, I take no chances. Haha~

So I encase them or surround them with clothes. Worse case, my clothes will smell wonderful. XD

Plus, I thought of packing an extra sport shoe but there's limited space already. Packed my formal wear sandal/shoe though. 

And I also have my medications ready. There's the basic of all basics: Panadol. Then some flu pills, yellow for night times because it causes drowsiness and the white almost Mentos-like is for day times because it causes thirst. A box of plasters, just in case. Last of all, my first time with motion sickness pills. I hope it works, I can't stand bus/plane/boat rides, ANY moving transport makes my head spin. Unless I get wind blown into my face, I rather sleep the whole time any transport is moving. 

The meds

The motion sickness pills

Ah, I haven't mention where I'm going right?

Can you guess where this currency belongs to?

I leave this Saturday. I have mixed feelings: Half excited, half worried. Well, I have had to go through some horrible situations before, what can't I handle by now?

Bye bye~

P.S: This is my bag for the trip! It's almost full by now. I still hope I can stuff my souvenirs later.

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