My first pair of sunglasses

7:30 AM

Consider me awkward, I have looked for so long for a pair of sunglasses.

Either they kept missing my nose or eat my cheeks, I fail at hunting that treasure.

Another point is I am such a money minder. Okay, not soooo a money minder but a tag of RM200++ ... Erkkkk, let me own a shopping mall first. 

I even went into Focus Point with my brother but I shivered at those price tags. Brother renewed his connection to spectacles. Joking, he got a new one with a new reading of his eyes and suddenly OMG, he has astigmatism. I suspect I have too but no thanks, I want to do a Lasik when I've collect enough funds in the future. Big plans, I know. 

So out of that shop and into Bonita, one of my favourite to walk in. Doesn't help when there's so many accessories. Oh, MPH and Watsons before that. MPH: No books from my series and no magazines, though there was one comic. Watsons: Last needed supplies and crossed from my checklist. I am efficient, I kid you know, Dad. *Rolls eyes

In Bonita, I just had to try out their sunglasses. I think I tried at least 20 pairs. Over and over again until I couldn't remember which one I haven't try. Then I thought I found a suitable one. It was okay on my nose and slightly touched my cheeks. Mum said it was okay on my face. 

I present my first sunglasses!

Please ignore the reflection. xD

And yes, I'm wearing it on my trip. Stylish much?

Bye bye!
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