Hair Dye: 2nd Attempt

3:47 PM

Remember I said I coloured my hair? *Ahem, it was last week, I'm quite reasonably slow on updates~ :P

Well, at last, I can tell you about it!

Previously I dyed my hair using the Liese series. Now, I tried the Schwarzkopf series. All in anticipation of my educational trip coming this Saturday. 

The product
Cream application: Melty Mocha

I'm going to start clockwise from the number 1 tube in above picture:
1. Tube of Coloring Cream (1st Agent) [I actually prefer British English but...]
2. Box of the product. Love the pretty doll~
3. Bottle of Developer Emulsion
4. Instruction paper in the corner. 
5. Comb to be attached to Item No. 3
6. Tube of After Color Treatment
7. Color Gloves

At the side of the box, it shows how the colour would turn out. Rule of caution: Do not expect the exact colour as shown. Some come out different, depending on hair condition or how long you left the cream on your hair. Anyway, my hair before re-colouring was all three, thanks to roots growing.

The instruction is kind of confusing because they mentioned colouring the roots first, then go on to all of the hair. Since I have done before, I went for all those near my scalp then progress over all my hair until ends.

By the way, remember to do an Allergic Test first. 

This is the beginning process. Squeeze 1st Agent into the bottle. Squeeze as hard as you can until you can't anymore. Then recap the bottle and shake. Admittedly I shook it hard because twirling the bottle didn't help much. Then I could see the colour in the bottle. Now to put on my gloves. 

Replace the cap with the comb. Then begin application. I was miffed first because apparently I had to squeeze the bottle and apply on my hair, alone. My arms hurt! Hahaha.. But I managed really well. Problem started when the cream was nearly finished and harder to squeeze the bottle. After satisfied not much cream was left, I waited the required 30 minutes. 

Yes, 30 minutes with my hair feeling sticky and kind of damp and there's a smell. The smell wasn't as horrid as Liese. The Liese one stung my eyes, this one didn't. 

After 30 minutes ended, I washed my hair with the After Color Treatment. It smelled wonderful. Then I applied Ellips. The end of DIY hair colour. Hahaha~

My hair before colouring
Just horrible, to me. See those black roots. 

My current hair colour. 

That's all. Bye bye now!

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