Am very much alive, thank you.

9:04 PM

I hate broadband limits. Period.

Okay, now I move on.

I have lots to tell!!! But no way am I going to hang out in any free WiFi area except my university, that doesn't count. So I am stuck with a broadband that has reached the limit and thus becomes a super slow snail. Only Facebook still functions acceptably, the other sites just end up crappy slow to horrible display of the sites. Not a justice to their beautiful, hard-worked design.

Hopefully I can post up all my updates. There's pictures, my unexpected review and updates on my -ahem!- educational trip. 

Happy reading and yeah, I tend to go off topic. Just an early warning.

P.S: Currently I love my 'The Kane Chronicles' series because Sadie Kane is such a great character and I relate to her stubborn and kind of risky attitude.

Bye bye now~
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