University life

Vietnam: 1st day

11:00 PM


Yea, I am in Vietnam now.
Flight was okay. Had Noodles Black Pepper (was it?) and Apple Juice on flight. I even managed to sleep for a while. I wanted to watch a movie but there weren't many choices and I can't hear clearly. The headphone provided was bigger than my head and kept slipping down, :|

The bus that is going to help us travel sometimes in this trip. So far I haven't taken my motion sickness pills.

My room is a three single beds room. I will only tell the hotel's name after the trip is over. :)

The view from the hotel room. The vehicles here are mostly motorcycles and the traffic is quite hectic but runs smoothly. It's like they have an unwritten law on motorcycles here. Oh, no pedestrian lights. You cross and motorcycles swerve to avoid you. Or they slow down. There's only red lights for cars to stop with a timer. Motorcycles' light is always green. 

This is where we had our dinner. The bus left us around the corner.

I had Seafood Kuay Tiaw and Carrot Juice with Milk. It was 110,000 dong and 45,000 dong respectively. 

That's all. Bye bye. 

P.S: This is a cheat post actually. I was so sleepy yesterday when got back to the room. Haha.. :P
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My first pair of sunglasses

7:30 AM

Consider me awkward, I have looked for so long for a pair of sunglasses.

Either they kept missing my nose or eat my cheeks, I fail at hunting that treasure.

Another point is I am such a money minder. Okay, not soooo a money minder but a tag of RM200++ ... Erkkkk, let me own a shopping mall first. 

I even went into Focus Point with my brother but I shivered at those price tags. Brother renewed his connection to spectacles. Joking, he got a new one with a new reading of his eyes and suddenly OMG, he has astigmatism. I suspect I have too but no thanks, I want to do a Lasik when I've collect enough funds in the future. Big plans, I know. 

So out of that shop and into Bonita, one of my favourite to walk in. Doesn't help when there's so many accessories. Oh, MPH and Watsons before that. MPH: No books from my series and no magazines, though there was one comic. Watsons: Last needed supplies and crossed from my checklist. I am efficient, I kid you know, Dad. *Rolls eyes

In Bonita, I just had to try out their sunglasses. I think I tried at least 20 pairs. Over and over again until I couldn't remember which one I haven't try. Then I thought I found a suitable one. It was okay on my nose and slightly touched my cheeks. Mum said it was okay on my face. 

I present my first sunglasses!

Please ignore the reflection. xD

And yes, I'm wearing it on my trip. Stylish much?

Bye bye!
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1:07 AM

Spaghetti Bolognese (Is it the right spelling?)

I love pasta more and more. 
Sorry, Mr Noodles. Mr Pasta steals my heart.

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University life

Pack, pack and pack!

7:00 AM

Yea, I'm almost done packing. However, I'm worried of fragile items, especially my skincare. None of them are glass types really but just in case the airline handling leave much to be desired, I take no chances. Haha~

So I encase them or surround them with clothes. Worse case, my clothes will smell wonderful. XD

Plus, I thought of packing an extra sport shoe but there's limited space already. Packed my formal wear sandal/shoe though. 

And I also have my medications ready. There's the basic of all basics: Panadol. Then some flu pills, yellow for night times because it causes drowsiness and the white almost Mentos-like is for day times because it causes thirst. A box of plasters, just in case. Last of all, my first time with motion sickness pills. I hope it works, I can't stand bus/plane/boat rides, ANY moving transport makes my head spin. Unless I get wind blown into my face, I rather sleep the whole time any transport is moving. 

The meds

The motion sickness pills

Ah, I haven't mention where I'm going right?

Can you guess where this currency belongs to?

I leave this Saturday. I have mixed feelings: Half excited, half worried. Well, I have had to go through some horrible situations before, what can't I handle by now?

Bye bye~

P.S: This is my bag for the trip! It's almost full by now. I still hope I can stuff my souvenirs later.

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Hair Dye: 2nd Attempt

3:47 PM

Remember I said I coloured my hair? *Ahem, it was last week, I'm quite reasonably slow on updates~ :P

Well, at last, I can tell you about it!

Previously I dyed my hair using the Liese series. Now, I tried the Schwarzkopf series. All in anticipation of my educational trip coming this Saturday. 

The product
Cream application: Melty Mocha

I'm going to start clockwise from the number 1 tube in above picture:
1. Tube of Coloring Cream (1st Agent) [I actually prefer British English but...]
2. Box of the product. Love the pretty doll~
3. Bottle of Developer Emulsion
4. Instruction paper in the corner. 
5. Comb to be attached to Item No. 3
6. Tube of After Color Treatment
7. Color Gloves

At the side of the box, it shows how the colour would turn out. Rule of caution: Do not expect the exact colour as shown. Some come out different, depending on hair condition or how long you left the cream on your hair. Anyway, my hair before re-colouring was all three, thanks to roots growing.

The instruction is kind of confusing because they mentioned colouring the roots first, then go on to all of the hair. Since I have done before, I went for all those near my scalp then progress over all my hair until ends.

By the way, remember to do an Allergic Test first. 

This is the beginning process. Squeeze 1st Agent into the bottle. Squeeze as hard as you can until you can't anymore. Then recap the bottle and shake. Admittedly I shook it hard because twirling the bottle didn't help much. Then I could see the colour in the bottle. Now to put on my gloves. 

Replace the cap with the comb. Then begin application. I was miffed first because apparently I had to squeeze the bottle and apply on my hair, alone. My arms hurt! Hahaha.. But I managed really well. Problem started when the cream was nearly finished and harder to squeeze the bottle. After satisfied not much cream was left, I waited the required 30 minutes. 

Yes, 30 minutes with my hair feeling sticky and kind of damp and there's a smell. The smell wasn't as horrid as Liese. The Liese one stung my eyes, this one didn't. 

After 30 minutes ended, I washed my hair with the After Color Treatment. It smelled wonderful. Then I applied Ellips. The end of DIY hair colour. Hahaha~

My hair before colouring
Just horrible, to me. See those black roots. 

My current hair colour. 

That's all. Bye bye now!

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Products review

SR: Coloured Contact Lenses from Glasses Online

7:00 AM

A surprise from last month in my email! I get to collaborate with an online website, my first time ever!

Alright, enough hyper. Let's get a little bit serious k. 

Glasses Online is an online website which sells a variety of gorgeous glasses. There's Rayban, Giorgia Armani, Gucci, Calvin Klein, Prada, Marc Jacobs, etc. and they are separated into categories (that's better to search and find what you want!).

-Meh, glasses only? Lameee...-

Nope. It sells contact lenses too! There's a variety as well, not only for cosmetic users, they also have lenses for astigmatism, examples Air Optix Aqua for Astigmatism and Softlens Toric for Astigmatism. Now that's meeting consumer's demand. 

Best thing? The prices are cheaper and with FREE shipping and 30 days return, truly worth it!

My sponsored product: 
Colours Fusion Misty Grey 

It was packed in bubble packaging which was actually enticing me to play pop. Not only was the box wrapped in its own bubble packaging, the delivery package too. *Forces self to stop popping bubbles

Other pictures:

My 'Before and After' picture:

Okay, enough about me. How about you?

Yes, Glasses Online graciously offers a voucher code for you!

It's valid until end of September with purchases above RM100, not inclusive of any other promotions or discounts. You enter GOjulianna20 during checkout and it's a one time use only.

Now go browse Glasses Online! You can also find them on Facebook: Glasses Online.

Thanks for reading!
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Cookies: 2nd attempt

1:03 AM

I love baking cookies now!

But no, I don't love cooking unless I get to cheat without involving anything raw. Frozen pizza is better and fried chicken from KFC beats me frying a raw chicken. Haha~

Anyway, I tried the same recipe as before. The Corn Flakes Cookie. This time I decided not to add anything in the middle.

Work in progress.

The cookies!

Verdict from my 8 year old brother: 
Why nothing in the middle? Okay, still nice.

Awww~~~ Actually he's the one asking me to bake the cookies after he loved the first attempt.

P.S: He's too cute for me that I don't want anyone else to see him here. XD

Bye bye!
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Am very much alive, thank you.

9:04 PM

I hate broadband limits. Period.

Okay, now I move on.

I have lots to tell!!! But no way am I going to hang out in any free WiFi area except my university, that doesn't count. So I am stuck with a broadband that has reached the limit and thus becomes a super slow snail. Only Facebook still functions acceptably, the other sites just end up crappy slow to horrible display of the sites. Not a justice to their beautiful, hard-worked design.

Hopefully I can post up all my updates. There's pictures, my unexpected review and updates on my -ahem!- educational trip. 

Happy reading and yeah, I tend to go off topic. Just an early warning.

P.S: Currently I love my 'The Kane Chronicles' series because Sadie Kane is such a great character and I relate to her stubborn and kind of risky attitude.

Bye bye now~
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Learn contour #1

9:58 PM

I'm curious to learn how to contour my face, especially to make my cheeks and nose look slimmer and smaller. Tomorrow morning, I hope to purchase what I need to start experimenting. Then, perhaps my selcas will look gorgeous.

P.S: Yes, I am vain and proud of it. :P
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Rational over Anger

12:11 PM

I wonder how many people actually count from 1 to 10 before deciding on something? Provided perhaps they don't know numbers..

Honestly when I found out about the changing room incident, I was tempted to give my own two cents. But I didn't. 

What put me off?

The comments.

Really entertaining. Not because the comments are interesting in their own right but the people behind the comments.

Most of them condemned the incident. Only a few tried to call for reason. 

Now I am glad that I didn't comment anything. Who would want to take something back once spoken/written? And who among them have apologize for their quick judgement, I wonder.

I ask why, why does anger cloud your rational thinking?

Because you have never thought of others. 

The end.
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