Food and something I baked

9:30 PM

Food from the first week of holiday up until now~

Because I am horribly bored and today I'd actually bake something. That something is at the end of this post. ;)

1. Spaghetti something. Ate it during 2nd week of holidays at KLCC food court. Personally I don't like it. Too much of tomato sauce. Dx 

2. Home-cooked instant noodles by me. Haha... For now, I prefer adding some dried seaweed and a raw egg. The burst egg yolk mixed with the soup was so yummy.

3. I love prawns but hate their exterior shells. Haha... Anyway, between prawn and perhaps crab, I'm loss which of the two I would have preferred more. :)

4. I made this last, last week, I think. It's the Korean Egg Roll and actually up to you what to include in. I added a healthy amount of black/white peppers. The fun part was when rolling the egg in the frying pan. So much fun~ xD

5. Tutti Frutti. I had no idea what flavour I chose that day. But it was a bit on the sour side. Really cold and yummy-licious too.

6. Chocolate!! Haha... 

And the 'something I bake today'...

Corn Flakes Surprise Cookie
(From the back of the cereal box by the way)

-Some of the process and the cookies-

The cookies

The not so great part is that now I know I need to use a different inside filling. Haha...

^The end^

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