Contradict- hopes

3:00 PM

I shouldn't have expected anything so fortunate. Haha~

Woke up with a missed call which I assumed was from somewhere in UM. Now that I think about it, it could be a common number from KL. Anyway, I was hoping it was about my hostel appeal application but nope, not a chance. I still had to reapply. Wonder if I would get lucky though. If it wasn't because of the impending bus ride I would have to endure, staying at home in Shah Alam is great. Morning, I can avoid the rush but damn the evening rush hour. Surely packed and ewww, so smelly and cramped, I swear I should just puke so that the others give me a wide berth. Hoho~ I really really dislike people standing so close to me and their horrid stench. If I do get rejected for hostel, that's it; I will get my driver's license. At least two months of torture then brave myself for the toll and traffic jams. Those are better than being in a bus, packed, standing and unbearable smell. >:(

So my class trip is mostly confirmed, which means I can't follow my family to Kuantan to register my second youngest brother. Not sure unlucky or okay okay, because I was hoping of visiting Universiti Malaysia Pahang. Not everyday get to visit other universities so wanted to see how the campus is. Anyway, heard that there's two days holiday there during the trip and it might be filled with a sight-seeing tour. I was thinking of self explore the area but just maybe going in a group would be fun. I just hope it would be fun. Please don't be any grumbling people; please leave them at the hotel because obviously they just want to spend time in the room. Haha~ Smile and enjoy the trip, please. Smiling and laughing makes the trip so much more exciting. :)

Currently I am crossing fingers that I might get to go online more. Then I could play Dragonsaga with Ilah and Fan. It'll be just like Dragonica then. Sigh~ Hopefully no idiotic kids with foul language like the last time I played. Can't fellow players be courteous or am I just too nice and innocent? Haha~
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