A 'sticky' attachment

1:03 AM

-Just to tell what's in my mind-

I'm never one to stick to something for a long,long time. 

Maybe it's how my life was in the past, moving places due my Dad's work.

I don't have what some call childhood friends.

I don't know my birthplace's nook and corner or whatever it was. 

I don't have reunions with past friends.

And I kinda prefer it that way.

Not to stick to something, even friends.

But there's just this one exception.

A very sticky 'something'.

Who argues with me, yet is still the sincerest when congratulating me.

Who knows what a damn person I am, yet is still ready to pick up my mood.

Yea, just this one exception.

My most annoying sticky note.

At least you stick better than those pompous colourful notes.
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