8th Piece

10:30 PM

Hi. This 8th piece was posted on my Facebook note on 6 June 2012.

How long was that and until now I haven't done any recent update about it.

So here's the 8th.

Carl and Karl

Chapter 8

“Hey, heard about your Dad. “

Carl turned at the voice. Kerry Harriet stood opposite the table, her flowery perfume made him felt dizzy. “Yeah,” Carl said, bending his head down. The perfume really made him felt like vomiting.

“Well, how’s your Sis then?” Kerry sat down and flicked her fingers to her friends. They lifted their eyebrows and walked away.

“She’s with Grandma. Better there. Home..... House feels emptier now.”

“I’m sorry to hear that...”

Carl glanced at her. No, you’re not really sorry, aren’t you? “Well, anyway, I better get to class.” 

He stood up, grabbed his bag and left, pinching his nose until he was sure the perfume couldn’t 
reach the cafeteria’s door.

“Wow! Man, I saw you, talking to Kerry!!” Gary walked towards Carl’s table, wide-eyed. “And I heard she’s available. You’re lucky, dude. After all that’s happen, guess your break finally came.”

“Not exactly a break I had hoped for, Gary. Trust me, not a break,” Carl shook his head and pointed at the door. Matt Terry stood there, fists ready.

“Uh-oh...” Gary gulped and stared at Carl. “What should we do?”

“Beg for mercy?” suggested Carl, nonchalantly.

Matt strode up to where they stood, or rather, he limped. Carl noticed and wondered what had happened to him. Matt also had a cut on his left cheek.

“I heard Kerry talked to you.”

“Ahhh... Well, they were just talking, Matt, old friend. No harm in just talking, you know,” Gary interrupted, his hands holding the edges of the table.

“Talking? I’m not dumb! She broke up with me because of you and your damn dog!!”

Oh, so she used Karl to get rid of Matt. Smart and cunning, quite a dangerous combination there. Carl sighed. Damn, I really just want a peaceful life.

“Matt! Stop!!”

Great, another disturbance. Carl looked as Kerry stormed up to Matt and slapped his face. Matt blinked.

“Carl, I’m really sorry about this.” Still, her voice doesn’t sound apologetic. I wonder why I know that, Carl thought, puzzled.

To be continued.

P.S: Hopefully I continue. (Crosses my fingers. Haha.. )
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