7th Piece

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Oh I am so mean to my stories. 

Ah anyway, I actually posted Chapter 7 and 8 to my Facebook notes.

Carl and Karl

Chapter 7

It was dark and empty in the home of Gregory. Carl Gregory, the eldest and only son was with his younger sister, Melisa Gregory sitting outside the Operation Theatre where the hospital attendants had wheeled in their father. Carl glanced at his sister and took her little hands. He remembered how happy they all were when Mum was still around. How Dad made his weird jokes; how Melisa’s smiles were precious to Mum; how Mum woke them up with morning kisses on their cheeks. Mum was their Queen, the most precious person in the Gregory household. Their grandparents were no more; only Dad and Mum, the living ‘adults’ to Carl and Melisa.

Melisa whimpered, telling herself silently not to cry. She had tried to be strong since Mum’s death; the last wish made to her by Mum.

“Be strong and good, my dear Melisa. They need you, Carl and Dad. Be the lady in Gregory home, okay.”

Carl stared down at his sister’s hand.

Suddenly he stood up. His eyes had a glint in them. Without a word to Melisa, he left. Melisa was dumbfounded and thought Carl was leaving her. She burst out into a fit of tears. No more was the pretence; she cried out, as loudly as the first day she found out that Mum was terminally sick.

Meanwhile in the OT, Dad’s pulse was almost gone.

Carl Gregory made his way into the Gregory’s front porch. He slammed the breaks, flung open the front door and the thing he wanted was there waiting. It wagged its tail and hopped about.

After another string of sobs, Melisa calmed herself. Taking out her pink handkerchief, she blew her nose and stared at the door where she had seen her brother’s back. Carl was running towards her, something bundled up in his arms.


A little black rounded nose appeared from the bundle and a wet pink tongue licked Melisa’s cheek.

Carl lowered the bundle into Melisa’s arms slowly and smiled wearily.

“I forgot the little thing at home; must’ve been lonely since we rushed here in the ambulance.”

Melisa nodded her head and hugged the puppy close. She felt the puppy’s slow breathing and felt calmer.

Carl glanced at her as he sat down. At least, Melisa has something else to occupy her mind.

To be continued.
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