Carl and Karl

8th Piece

10:30 PM

Hi. This 8th piece was posted on my Facebook note on 6 June 2012.

How long was that and until now I haven't done any recent update about it.

So here's the 8th.

Carl and Karl

Chapter 8

“Hey, heard about your Dad. “

Carl turned at the voice. Kerry Harriet stood opposite the table, her flowery perfume made him felt dizzy. “Yeah,” Carl said, bending his head down. The perfume really made him felt like vomiting.

“Well, how’s your Sis then?” Kerry sat down and flicked her fingers to her friends. They lifted their eyebrows and walked away.

“She’s with Grandma. Better there. Home..... House feels emptier now.”

“I’m sorry to hear that...”

Carl glanced at her. No, you’re not really sorry, aren’t you? “Well, anyway, I better get to class.” 

He stood up, grabbed his bag and left, pinching his nose until he was sure the perfume couldn’t 
reach the cafeteria’s door.

“Wow! Man, I saw you, talking to Kerry!!” Gary walked towards Carl’s table, wide-eyed. “And I heard she’s available. You’re lucky, dude. After all that’s happen, guess your break finally came.”

“Not exactly a break I had hoped for, Gary. Trust me, not a break,” Carl shook his head and pointed at the door. Matt Terry stood there, fists ready.

“Uh-oh...” Gary gulped and stared at Carl. “What should we do?”

“Beg for mercy?” suggested Carl, nonchalantly.

Matt strode up to where they stood, or rather, he limped. Carl noticed and wondered what had happened to him. Matt also had a cut on his left cheek.

“I heard Kerry talked to you.”

“Ahhh... Well, they were just talking, Matt, old friend. No harm in just talking, you know,” Gary interrupted, his hands holding the edges of the table.

“Talking? I’m not dumb! She broke up with me because of you and your damn dog!!”

Oh, so she used Karl to get rid of Matt. Smart and cunning, quite a dangerous combination there. Carl sighed. Damn, I really just want a peaceful life.

“Matt! Stop!!”

Great, another disturbance. Carl looked as Kerry stormed up to Matt and slapped his face. Matt blinked.

“Carl, I’m really sorry about this.” Still, her voice doesn’t sound apologetic. I wonder why I know that, Carl thought, puzzled.

To be continued.

P.S: Hopefully I continue. (Crosses my fingers. Haha.. )
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Carl and Karl

7th Piece

10:24 PM

Oh I am so mean to my stories. 

Ah anyway, I actually posted Chapter 7 and 8 to my Facebook notes.

Carl and Karl

Chapter 7

It was dark and empty in the home of Gregory. Carl Gregory, the eldest and only son was with his younger sister, Melisa Gregory sitting outside the Operation Theatre where the hospital attendants had wheeled in their father. Carl glanced at his sister and took her little hands. He remembered how happy they all were when Mum was still around. How Dad made his weird jokes; how Melisa’s smiles were precious to Mum; how Mum woke them up with morning kisses on their cheeks. Mum was their Queen, the most precious person in the Gregory household. Their grandparents were no more; only Dad and Mum, the living ‘adults’ to Carl and Melisa.

Melisa whimpered, telling herself silently not to cry. She had tried to be strong since Mum’s death; the last wish made to her by Mum.

“Be strong and good, my dear Melisa. They need you, Carl and Dad. Be the lady in Gregory home, okay.”

Carl stared down at his sister’s hand.

Suddenly he stood up. His eyes had a glint in them. Without a word to Melisa, he left. Melisa was dumbfounded and thought Carl was leaving her. She burst out into a fit of tears. No more was the pretence; she cried out, as loudly as the first day she found out that Mum was terminally sick.

Meanwhile in the OT, Dad’s pulse was almost gone.

Carl Gregory made his way into the Gregory’s front porch. He slammed the breaks, flung open the front door and the thing he wanted was there waiting. It wagged its tail and hopped about.

After another string of sobs, Melisa calmed herself. Taking out her pink handkerchief, she blew her nose and stared at the door where she had seen her brother’s back. Carl was running towards her, something bundled up in his arms.


A little black rounded nose appeared from the bundle and a wet pink tongue licked Melisa’s cheek.

Carl lowered the bundle into Melisa’s arms slowly and smiled wearily.

“I forgot the little thing at home; must’ve been lonely since we rushed here in the ambulance.”

Melisa nodded her head and hugged the puppy close. She felt the puppy’s slow breathing and felt calmer.

Carl glanced at her as he sat down. At least, Melisa has something else to occupy her mind.

To be continued.
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Re-visiting hobbies

12:39 AM

Can't remember the last time I write a story or drawn something.

Wonder if I still have the passion.

Well, I can try. :)

P.S: I posted my stories here. Haven't finish though, I'm so bad with endings. Blerghhh.. Haha xD

P.S.S: I guess thinking of happy thoughts really make me fly. Oh, not really flying. Just, I feel less resentful. *Content*
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DIY hair dye: A 2nd challenge

5:41 PM

I didn't take any pictures of when I dyed my hair but yea, it's not totally black.

Anyway, my black roots are visibly showing and ugh, kinda looks spooky under direct sunlight.

Here's a not-so-recent picture. A more recent picture would show that the black roots have grown at least 10cm.. Haha..

I used Liese Bubble Hair Colour Jewel Pink.

And now I am considering this product for my next DIY adventure.

Oh, hopefully I remember to take pictures this time. xD

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A 'sticky' attachment

1:03 AM

-Just to tell what's in my mind-

I'm never one to stick to something for a long,long time. 

Maybe it's how my life was in the past, moving places due my Dad's work.

I don't have what some call childhood friends.

I don't know my birthplace's nook and corner or whatever it was. 

I don't have reunions with past friends.

And I kinda prefer it that way.

Not to stick to something, even friends.

But there's just this one exception.

A very sticky 'something'.

Who argues with me, yet is still the sincerest when congratulating me.

Who knows what a damn person I am, yet is still ready to pick up my mood.

Yea, just this one exception.

My most annoying sticky note.

At least you stick better than those pompous colourful notes.
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Suspicious minds- Distrusts- Agendas

4:43 PM

Oh, just sue me. I can't type anything without reading through again and end up deleting!!!!

Blame my distrust. But for the record, my only agenda was to voice out my own opinions. 

Now aren't you suspicious of what I had deleted?

Who knows; I might be just about to insult, to condemn, to support, to justify?

What do I trust actually? When left and right, there's every possibility of getting stabbed in the back.
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Food and something I baked

9:30 PM

Food from the first week of holiday up until now~

Because I am horribly bored and today I'd actually bake something. That something is at the end of this post. ;)

1. Spaghetti something. Ate it during 2nd week of holidays at KLCC food court. Personally I don't like it. Too much of tomato sauce. Dx 

2. Home-cooked instant noodles by me. Haha... For now, I prefer adding some dried seaweed and a raw egg. The burst egg yolk mixed with the soup was so yummy.

3. I love prawns but hate their exterior shells. Haha... Anyway, between prawn and perhaps crab, I'm loss which of the two I would have preferred more. :)

4. I made this last, last week, I think. It's the Korean Egg Roll and actually up to you what to include in. I added a healthy amount of black/white peppers. The fun part was when rolling the egg in the frying pan. So much fun~ xD

5. Tutti Frutti. I had no idea what flavour I chose that day. But it was a bit on the sour side. Really cold and yummy-licious too.

6. Chocolate!! Haha... 

And the 'something I bake today'...

Corn Flakes Surprise Cookie
(From the back of the cereal box by the way)

-Some of the process and the cookies-

The cookies

The not so great part is that now I know I need to use a different inside filling. Haha...

^The end^

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Contradict- hopes

3:00 PM

I shouldn't have expected anything so fortunate. Haha~

Woke up with a missed call which I assumed was from somewhere in UM. Now that I think about it, it could be a common number from KL. Anyway, I was hoping it was about my hostel appeal application but nope, not a chance. I still had to reapply. Wonder if I would get lucky though. If it wasn't because of the impending bus ride I would have to endure, staying at home in Shah Alam is great. Morning, I can avoid the rush but damn the evening rush hour. Surely packed and ewww, so smelly and cramped, I swear I should just puke so that the others give me a wide berth. Hoho~ I really really dislike people standing so close to me and their horrid stench. If I do get rejected for hostel, that's it; I will get my driver's license. At least two months of torture then brave myself for the toll and traffic jams. Those are better than being in a bus, packed, standing and unbearable smell. >:(

So my class trip is mostly confirmed, which means I can't follow my family to Kuantan to register my second youngest brother. Not sure unlucky or okay okay, because I was hoping of visiting Universiti Malaysia Pahang. Not everyday get to visit other universities so wanted to see how the campus is. Anyway, heard that there's two days holiday there during the trip and it might be filled with a sight-seeing tour. I was thinking of self explore the area but just maybe going in a group would be fun. I just hope it would be fun. Please don't be any grumbling people; please leave them at the hotel because obviously they just want to spend time in the room. Haha~ Smile and enjoy the trip, please. Smiling and laughing makes the trip so much more exciting. :)

Currently I am crossing fingers that I might get to go online more. Then I could play Dragonsaga with Ilah and Fan. It'll be just like Dragonica then. Sigh~ Hopefully no idiotic kids with foul language like the last time I played. Can't fellow players be courteous or am I just too nice and innocent? Haha~
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11:57 PM

Damn Damn Damn

I hate this irritating, suffocating feeling of being angry at things! 
And there's so much I'm angry at. Not only angry, disbelief too. 

Which makes me all the more fixed that only one sentence rings true, is not fake or false and can only be proven otherwise by very, very few unexpected facts or incidents.

'There is no such thing as hope; don't have any expectations, only then will you not face disappointment.'
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Worse expectations = Amazing surprise

11:45 PM

Oooh, what to type? Really want to do a review but no, stop yourself. It isn't the time because this excitement warrants lots of attention due to severe spelling errors. Yes, I kept typing the wrong spellings for the simplest words. AGH!!

I am really excited right now. I can't even think what title to put for this post. It's like my birthday came early and I got a Honda CR-Z. Seriously, I love that car.

A clue of what made me soooooo damn excited:

Revelation, perhaps next week. 

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