Tues Beauty: Playing with eye cosmetic and a cap

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I am not, well, not really a cosmetic fan. In fact, I had kept my first ever mini cosmetic kit/palette Johnson brand for almost five years before got rid of it this year. It had beautiful colours to the innocent me that time. Even had a Johnson face powder, which was in a way fully used. Point was, I was afraid to use and too lazy to learn that time. Hahaha~

Anyway, now I have a cosmetic bag. It's a useful bag just enough for the stuffs, not really those specific cosmetic bag. I think any bag is fine as long as it can hold the weight and looks pretty externally. :D

PS: Cosmetic bag's contents some other time okay. For now it is kinda messy. x.x

Back to topic of the day~

I was at home last week. I was bored. Yes, I have two paper exams, so not looking forward to them this week but can't wait for them to be over.

Then waking up last Friday, I thought, why not do one of those eye styles I admire and long to try out?

Actually I was pondering to do or not to do.. Shakespeare-an style: To do or not to do, that is the dilemma~

I tried.


(>.<) Not going to do both because I know I will end up messy on my lefty side.


Ah actually I didn't plan what to do. 
At first was thinking of just doing my fav cat eye look. 
Then I felt what a waste so while doing the bottom, I extended it without combining the ends. 

After doing those two black lines, I remembered one of those eye styles where she had white filling the space between and I have a white eyeliner. You can guess what happened next.

If you notice, there's pink on my upper eyelid. I deliberately applied some of my cream blush on it. I should have applied more but using my finger, was afraid of smudging the eyeliner there. Hahaha~

End of eye cosmetic. 

Next the fun part. :P

It's actually a new cap I bought from FOS Midvalley. 
It's a big wide cap, street wear is a trend now.. just saying.

Love that it makes my face look smaller. Hahaha~

Point is to put it lightly on your head. This one makes me look, well, small-brain. :P

Same picture, just clarifying how much I filtered the real picture. xD
Also, my room is yellow and the light is also giving a yellow light. Hahaha~

-The End-

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