Mon Fav: A book and a convenience

1:32 AM

It's been like what- 2, 3 weeks since this 7 days labelled post. The thing was only Fri Sum seemed interesting. Honesty pays, right? Hahaha~

So one of my fav pastime is reading. Yeah, who doesn't okay. Unless you are those hands-on perhaps then reading might bore you.

Currently reading Secret Series. :)

This is the second book in the series of 5 books. 

I like the plot, it's really unique because the writer is actually telling the story, in a mysterious way even. 

Not going to spoil it. Get and read it yourself. 

Next fav: A convenience

My new external. (Technically not new new, it's already 3 months old.)

It's RED!!

Hahaha, they didn't have blue, so kinda settled with red. 
I love that its a 1 TB external. 

Currently it is filled with Japanese and Koreans related stuff like animes, dramas, etc. 
The other external, older, also red, around 300 something is filled with English movies, cartoons, etc. 
Organization, just how I like it. Hahaha~

The End

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