Last Week's Fri Sum: After Exams' Happy Hour

2:19 PM

Actually a very late post but I'm not doing anything much at home so I saved this post. 
I finished my exams for 2nd Semester, 3rd Year on last Thursday, 20th June. It was a morning, almost noon paper. Naturally we have to go out and have an after exams' party k. 

No specific plans, quite flexible. 
The guys who went earlier to Midvalley suggested the Thai movie Pee Mak. 

However, we ladies were fooled into thinking it was purely a horror flick. (Because a few hours ago in our room, we were talking about Thai horror movies.)

I was disappointed. 
(Next time check reviews before making assumptions.)

Pee Mak
A romantic, comedy and horror movie

For me, it was a mostly romantic movie. Seriously when the ending was in sight, it was like the director went into a lets-make-it-end-sweetly mode. 

I preferred the horror scenes. Too bad the effect didn't really sink in because right after the horror, came the comedy. What a way to burst the horror bubble, guys. 

Great to watch if you don't mind the romantic scenes. Even the guys were quiet when those scenes came. Dila and I were cringing, hoping the movie will end faster. 

Oh by the way, we sat in the front rows! Very very front rows. All occupied by 3rd Year EM students. 

Moving on the Fri usual~

1. With my study's essentials: A drink (drinking water a must and one pick-me-up drink), raisins (my fav for focusing and also nibbles) and my Stitchy!

2. Popcorn and the ticket stubs from the movie. I found the popcorn box cute. 

3. My dinner, horrible dinner. Dislike the sauce, it made the fish taste so yucky. I regretted not ordering my usual.

4. The drink was okay, expensive as always when you eat out.

5. We ladies already planned for a bowling session! 
At this, the guys left us. 

6. During the first half of the first game. We opted for two games. It was great fun!

7. The scores for the first game. (In Blue)
8. The scores of the second game were better. At this time, one of my fingernails chipped. Not ouch for me but my friends found it scary. 

~The end~
Oh and Happy Semester Break!

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